Kidnapped (sequel)

He calls us his flowers. He is a germ freak, he hates any dirt and the house has to be spotless. We are stuck in the cellar and we have no idea how long it will be until we are found.


10. 9

Chapter 9 : harry

Rulers POV

Harry stayed with me all day. Charlotte fell asleep in his arms. We talked about my old life and how I used to act, because right now, I'm not me. I'm still willow. "Harry?" I asked "hmm?" He hummed staring at the baby. "Why are you still here?" I asked he looked up at me confused "what do you mean?" He asked "I'm not entirely myself. I'm still willow and yet you look at me with so much love, it just doesn't make any sense." I said

He frowned standing up to put Charlotte in the crib that was brought in. Then he walked over to me putting his warm hands over my cold ones. "Because, to me your not willow, you will always be Tyler. I'm just thinking about this situation as one of your stupid personalitys." He chuckled "you were always so unpredictable. I never knew what to expect from you, you were happy go lucky, funny, angry, feisty. I swear you have multiple personality disorder." He laughed "but I didn't care. You were my baby and I would take you no matter how you would act." He said

I smiled "can you tell me about our past?" I asked him, even though I remembered I still wanted to here it from him. He smiled "when we first met you hated me, you didn't want anything to do with me, you kept trying to push me away to make me scared if you, just like everyone else was. But soon you finally let me in and we became friends and when I asked you out you said yes. It was one of the best days of my life." He said "one night when I snuck into your room you told me how you were scared that I wanted to be with you, you said that you wanted me to be scared just like everyone else, but when I didn't it caught you off guard. You said how you would try to date me but you couldn't promise that you would stay. That scared the shit out of me, knowing that one day you might push me out of your life, but when it never came I became relaxed. But then the police found me and all those feelings flooded back. Knowing I could loose you at any moment. It hurt and I became scared. Then my gang found me and I had to distance myself from you, I had no choice they would have killed you. When I finally left I realized I didn't care that they found me, I would take you and leave. When I got back to your house, I saw your mom on the floor.... And Louis and Ashly were tied up saying they took you." He took a deep breathe "I looked everywhere I didn't care what happened time so I almost called the police but Louis said if I did they would take me and he said you would need me. A whole fucking year I lived without you and everyday I felt like a peice of my heart was being ripped out. It wAs torture, I'd rather someone cut my fingers off one by one before I let you out of my life." He had tears in his eyes "now that your back I feel almost whole, except for the fact that the bastard who took you changed your fucking name and you finally accepted it and you forgot your name was Tyler, that pisses me off how he fucking ruined your life." He had his fists clenched and he stood up I grabbed his hurt hand "please don't go punch that wall again." I said

His face softened and he gave out a half hearted laugh "lay by me." I demanded scooting over. He got in and wrapped his arms around me making me feel safe for the first time in a year, and I instantly fell asleep.


"Omg they are so cute!!" I heard ashley squeal "I know! It's true love!" Lavender sighed "ugh, you girls and your lovey dovey shit.." I heard Louis groan. "They are kinda cute.." I heard Niall admit "awh not you too!" Louis said "I haven't seen Harry this happy in forever." That one boy who I still didn't know said "true, he really loves her." Louis said shockingly enough. "Could you guys please shut the fuck up?!" Harry yelled and wrapped himself closer to me "Harry.."i said "Harry.." I poked his dimples he still didn't move "okay, well the doctor said you could leave, we signed you out already." Lav said I smiled "here's some clothes" Louis said giving them to me. Then they all left.

"Harry can you help me?" I asked just so he would get up. He groaned standing up but he had a smile in his face. "Anything for you." He said he helped me into the bathroom and I changed into the high waisted shorts and orange shirt Louis brought me. Then I slipped my black combat boots in and threw my hair into a messy bun and walked out. Harry threw his arms around my shoulders and we walked out to the car with Charlotte in our arms. "Now, we go home!" He said

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