Kidnapped (sequel)

He calls us his flowers. He is a germ freak, he hates any dirt and the house has to be spotless. We are stuck in the cellar and we have no idea how long it will be until we are found.


8. 7

Chapter 7 : so close

Harry's POV

It's Christmas and the boys and I just sit here in front of the fire just staring. "Harry?" Niall asks my gaze slowly meets his "what?" I mumble barely audible "you okay mate?" He asks. I shook my head "you know, I really loved her. Not like all the other girls I said I loved, I feel like she's the one. She gives me butterflies in my stomach, makes my mind go blurry, they way she looks at me with her big silver eyes. How her soft hair will tickle my cheek when she hugs me." I sighed as everyone started leaning in concentrating on the stuff falling out of my mouth.

"When we argued she would let me win no matter how wrong I was. She did everything I could ever ask for. When I started to distance myself from her I felt sick. I felt alone and lost, she tried to comfort me at first but then she got the hint and backed off. I never thought I would actually lose her and now that I have I don't know what I feel. All I know is that I want her, no. I need her back in my arms." I said letting out a big breathe.

I finally felt the tears fall down my cheeks and I knew that my love was real. The boys all walked over to me string my back smiling softly and all of them murmuring that we will get her back.

Willows POV

It's Christmas and I'm sitting here holding my baby. It's a girl, I've called her Charlotte

I'm sitting here staring at her when my mind all the sudden flashes, your name is not willow!!! My mind is screaming you are Tyler!! Tyler Tyler Tyler!! Call Harry!! Hurry!!! My mind kept chanting tyler call Harry.

I made sure Leo was at work before running to the phone "Harry!!" I cry "come and get me." I beg I hang up. No. You don't need Harry your getting out of here. I put Charlotte in her crib and run up the stairs and unlock the door. "Lavender lily!! Quickly!! Follow me." I say they slowly descend the stairs "what are you doing?" Lav hissed "i am not letting my baby grow up here. Let's go!" I say dragging them out. I lock the cellar making sure he wouldn't notice. I pick up my baby and we go out.

I try to hurry and I get up the street when I see Harry coming out of the house. Our eyes lock and he starts running. The girls are a little scared but I quickly give Charlotte to lavender and run towards Harry as well. He holds his arms out and I literally jump into them.

He holds me so tight like I would just disappear. He set me on my feet and started kissing my whole face. "Ty.. Omg Ty I missed you.." He started crying and I felt his tears soak into my shoulder. We stood there holding each other until we heard a gunshot.

I turned and saw lily on the ground. My eyes went wide and I ran to lavender pushing her to Harry who gave her to Louis "take her to ashley!" He yelled as I bent over to lily "lily it's okay your okay!" I cried her breathing was coming in quick shallow breathes. I held her until someone yanked me up by my hair.

"Leo don't!" I cried he wrapped his strong arms around me holding me in place. The I felt it. The gun placed to my temple. I froze, I didn't know what to do. I stared at Harry. "Harry..." I whimpered "shut up!" Leo growled.

Then I heard sirens. I looked to Harry "run!! You'll get caught go!" I hissed he slowly backed up with tears in his eyes until Louis grabbed his arm and they ran to the forest. The police cars gathered around us "let go of the girl and drop your weapon!" Someone yelled. "Or what?" Leo growled "we will shoot!" They yelled

All the sudden I feel something cold hit my head and my vision is blurry and I'm on the ground next to lily. She looks at me with tears in her eyes and we grab each other's hands, then it all went black.

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