Kidnapped (sequel)

He calls us his flowers. He is a germ freak, he hates any dirt and the house has to be spotless. We are stuck in the cellar and we have no idea how long it will be until we are found.


6. 6

Chapter 6 : anger

Harry's POV

It has been 4 months since Ty has called. We have tried so many times to get her out but something always messes up our plan. We tried a couple times but that man keeping her always left so we would go in, but then he'd come back after a couple minutes. One time after the bast*rd left, Louis and I snuck in. We looked everywhere throughout the house. It was like a scene in a horror movie so clean and spotless. It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

"Harry!! Come on he's just left. We need to try again!" Lou yelled from downstairs. We ran as fast as we could down the street and climbed through the window at the back of the house. Lou looked upstairs while I looking downstairs. I found a kitchen that pretty much had nothing in it. The front room was all white and spotless. I found an office and I sat down at the computer. I started looking through his desk looking for anything but found nothing except that he worked as an accountant. Then I hacked my way into his computer and went through all his files, again, all I found was crap referring to his job. I sighed until I saw one folder in the corner. I clicked on it and it opened a bunch of photos.

I looked at one and it had pictures of Ty in the hospital. Her stomach was big and I scrunched my eyebrows together.. What the? I clicked through the rest of the photos finding a baby with big brown eyes... And photos of two other girls holding the baby. I sighed heavily and stood up. Okay, so he does have them. But where are they?

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