Kidnapped (sequel)

He calls us his flowers. He is a germ freak, he hates any dirt and the house has to be spotless. We are stuck in the cellar and we have no idea how long it will be until we are found.


4. 4

Chapter 4 : blurry

Willow pov

The next couple days went by in a big blur. I still tried to think of how I could escape. I mean, Leo said he would take me to a hospital to have the baby but I don't think anyone would believe me if I said I was kidnapped.

We all kept to the routine. I mostly just kept myself occupied by cleaning and cleaning over and over, even if it was already spotless. I didn't care though, I was stressed and scared and I needed to do something to take my mind off things.

It had been 3 more month and Leo took me to the hospital. They said I was 5 months pregnant. Wow... That's when it hit me. I had been gone for 8 months. I wondered if I would ever get out.

On the way home I had the best idea ever, Or so I thought. Leo finally trusted me and said I would be able to start wandering the house and stay out of the cellar. I sighed... "What about lily and lavender?" I asked him "I don't know, I sorta trust lavender but I don't know about lily." He said "well since I'm out of the cellar, will I have privileges to TV and phone?" I asked he sighed "TV yes, but phone i don't know..." He said "well I only need to make 2 phone calls. I was wondering if I could at least have some closure with my old family, so they at least know I have a new family." I said hopefully. "Okay.. Only if I'm near you." He said reluctantly I nodded "thank you Leo!" I smiled

When we got home he gave me my phone and then went down stairs and told the girls the news. While he was gone I quickly called Harry. Harry- h me- w

W- Harry?? Please you have to find me! I don't know exactly where I am but i just got back from the lake hospital!!

H- I have been looking for you for 8 months!! I will find you baby!!!

Then Leo walked in the room

W- well I just wanted to tell you I have a new family...

Leo butt in "hang up now!" He said loudly I nodded

H- don't worry I'll find you.

W- I'm going now. I'm happy with my new family!

Then I hung up and smiled at Leo.

Harry's pov

8 months ago Tyler went missing. I was caught by my old gang members. They said that if I didn't get out of town they would get the thing I loved most in this world, Tyler. I had to distance myself from her because I thought I was saving her. Then her, ashley and Louis went out and I left. But soon I realized I couldn't let her go and I was going to take her with me. I quickly went back and found Louis and ashley unconscious on the floor tied up and her mom dead. When they woke up I asked what happened and they said she was kidnapped. We looked and looked with no luck. I called zayn and Niall to help but still no luck. I couldn't call the police or I could be caught. I considered it many times, not caring what happened to me but only for Ty. Louis always knocked me out of it saying that when she was found she would need me.

I looked for her everyday right up until the sun disappeared and then I got up as soon as he sun was in the sky. I wouldn't give up, I couldn't.

Then when I got the call from her I almost broke down. I told her I would find her, then when I heard a mans voice telling her to hang up I knew why she said she was happy, she didn't want to get hurt. That made me mad, that she lied just so she wouldn't get hurt.

I hung up and let the tears that have been building up finally let loose and I fell to my knees officially braking. When I finally finished crying there was a puddle on the ground. I mentally punched myself be strong! For Tyler! My mind screamed at me.

I stood up and Louis walked in "I have good news, but I thought I should wait until you were done." He said referring to my brake down. I nodded "I tracked her call." He said.

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