Kidnapped (sequel)

He calls us his flowers. He is a germ freak, he hates any dirt and the house has to be spotless. We are stuck in the cellar and we have no idea how long it will be until we are found.


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Chapter 1 : new life


It was all dark, so dark for so long. I started to think that i was dead. And after what felt like forever my eyes finally opened up finding a man standing above me. "Ahh willow your finally awake!" This weird man smiled I scrunched my nose "umm, I'm Tyler, not willow." I said "no, your new name is willow." He demanded, and I knew not to argue because I could feel his patience getting thin so I nodded.

"Okay, I will tell you the rules." He smiled. He just told me how I have to shower every morning and night. I have to have breakfast and dinner ready everyday at 8 am and 6 pm. I have free time in between breakfast and dinner, but I have to clean the cellar spotless.

Flashback ended

So I've been here for 2 months and so far there's been me, lavender, and petunia, we've had 2 petunia's but they've both tried to escape so Leo killed them. Now he's out looking for another petunia, so for now it's just me and lavender, we are really really close like sisters. We hate Leo but he's the only one we can depend on. No connection to the outside world. We only have movies and board games to play. No internet, phones or anything. We can't disobey him or he'll kill us.

"Well it's 5 we should probably start dinner." I said "okay, are we making the chicken?" Lavender asked "yeah I think that would be good." I smiled. We started the chicken and added a salad to the side. At 7:20 Leo opened the door and we heard a girl crying he shoved her down the steps following after "this is our new lily, tell her the rules and get her settled, I will be back down soon." He said going upstairs probably to wash up, he HATED germs and made us clean all the time.

"You finish up." I whispered to lavender who nodded, she wasn't good with the new girls so I dealt with them. I kneeled down and the girl cowered away "hello lily, my name is willow." I said softly "I'm not lily.. My name is Trina." She whimpered I frowned "come on." I said standing up holding a Hand out to her. She took it and I helped her to the bathroom. She was shaking like a leaf "here you get in and I will get you a new pair of clothes." I said. She nodded and turned the shower on. I walked out to lavender "she's fine, just a bit shaken. She's very beautiful though." I smiled "yes she is, but you better go help her get ready." She said "you got this then?" I asked "all under control!" She smiled.

I walked into our bedroom and pulled out a pretty white skirt and a light pink shirt and walked into the bathroom and set them in the toilet. I walked back out and waited. Soon the shower was off and I waited 15 minutes before walking in. She looked a bit startled "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." I smiled. I pulled the blow drier out and dried her hair letting fall down to her shoulders. She had gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair. She applied some mascara as I talked to her.

"So, I guess I should tell you about Leo." I started "he's kind, and you mustn't disobey him or you will be killed. We have a daily routine that you need to follow. Don't get the wrong impression, lavender and I may seem okay with this whole ideal but trust me, inside we want to strangle him." I sighed and looked at her "just please trust me." I said she nodded "good." I smiled "how-" I got interrupted "dinner is ready and Leo is waiting" lavender said "okay tell him we will be out in a minute." I said to lavender who was already leaving. "How old are you?" I asked "16." She said. I frowned... "Okay come on." I said taking her hand which was still shaking.

"Good evening Leo! So sorry for making you wait, I was explaining to lily about our family." I said as we sat down. I still held lilys hand and she gripped mine very tight. "No problem willow. How are you adjusting lily?" He asked she looked down but I squeezed her hand to warn her. She looked up and put on a small smile "very fine thank you." She said just above a whisper. I smiled "well let's eat!" I said

After dinner Leo decided to stay and watch a film with us. We finished cleaning dinner and sat down with him. He wrapped his arm around me and I shuddered closing my eyes. I wrapped my arms around myself as lavender held my hand trying to comfort me. I was breathing heavily trying to stay calm. And once out show was over he left and I let out a deep sigh "I hate when he does that!" I exclaimed "I know but it's okay!" She said trying to comfort me. I smiled and went and showered changing into black booty shorts and a gray tank top.

I walked back out and sat down next to lily as lavender went to shower "how long have you been here?" She asked me "2 months." I frowned she nodded "how old are you?" She asked again "19." I said "you?" I asked "16." She said. I frowned "oh." We both just stared at the tv screen until she started talking "your very pretty." She said I shook my head but smiled "how so?" I asked "well... You eyes are so gorgeous! They are blue but mostly silver and perfect. Your hair is such a pretty brown and it reaches all the way down to your waist! Your so skinny and the perfect height!" Your just perfect!" She said admiring me "thanks... Those were all the things I hate about myself." I giggled "what race are you? Your skin is such a beautiful tan color!" She said "umm, well, I'm half mexican half British." I said "that's so cool! Who's who?" She asked "well my brother and mom are British and my dad who is gone was mexican." I said. She nodded "what are we talking bout?" Lavender asked walking in "your face." I smirked she sat down next to me "your face!" She mocked smacking my arm "jerk!" I said we got into a full argument into lily cleared her throat "sorry, you'll have to get used to that!" I said sheepishly. "It's ok." She smiled I looked at lavender admiring her beauty. Her hair was a golen color that looked so pretty with her tan skin and her gray eyes. She had was short and thin. So perfect. I smiled at her and she smiled back "well it's 9:30, we should get to bed!" Lav said "yes.. Come on." I told lily

I showed her the bed across from her wardrobe and she layed down falling to sleep instantly, and soon after lav and I were asleep too.

A/N hey guys!!!! First chapter to the sequel!! I'm so excited for this! I hope y'all like it as much as I do! And don't worry it will all get better soon. This was just an introduction chapter... Anyway!! I gtg bye!!

Adrianna a.k.a jade

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