My name is Haley White. I’m 20 years old. I live in an apartment in Dublin, Ireland. I attend a Cooking Collage. I have long brown hair, green eyes and I wear glasses or contacts. My best friend Lexi Wood lives across the hall from me and she attends a Beauty Collage, so she can become a beautician and open her own business. She has cherry red hair, blue eyes and has the cutest dimples I have ever seen. My live goal is to open my own bakery/café called the “Icing House”. Lexi and my parents both live in Mullingar and are good friends. Ever since I went to a 5SOS concert with Lexi I’ve been having the same dream about the same boy I ran into. He had Blond hair (brown at the roots), blue dreamy eyes and the cutest Irish accent I ever heard even though I live in Ireland his voice makes me shiver with glee when I hear it in my dreams. It's being going on for a year now. This is where my story begins....


24. Chapter 23.

Months have passed and a lot of things have happened. Carly is 4 months and is walking a little. Lexi and Liam are engaged and are expecting a baby! And tomorrow is Carly’s christen. Niall and the boys are in London till tomorrow working on their next album. I dressed Carly in a little grey bottoms and pink jumper and little convers and placed her in her buggy. I dressed myself in a tracksuit and left the apartment to start my walk. As I walked towards the end of walk I felt two arms around my waste. I jumped in shocked and turned around nervously. It was Niall. “Niall” I screamed. I hugged him and kissed him. “Miss me?” he asked. He walked to the front of the buggy to Carly. “Hello little princess” he said. She giggled and smiled as he picked her out of the buggy. We walked back to the apartment. Liam and Lexi where in their apartment and the rest of the boys where in mine. I made drinks and put Carly down for a nap. I walked out of the kitchen with drinks and placed them on the coffee table. “Niall did you book the room for the party tomorrow” I asked. “Yes, Haley. Don’t worry everything is in order. The boys and I are looking after that” he replied. “That’s what I’m afraid of” I giggled. Everyone started to laugh and Carly started to cry from the nursery. I got up and walked into the nursery to a crying Carly. I picked her up and started swaying from side to side. Then two arms came around mine and held my hands and I held Carly. “You go and rest. I’ll look after her” said Niall. “Ok” I replied. “Thanks”. “For what?” he asked. “Getting me out of changing a dirty nappy” I giggled and ran before he could change his mind. A few minutes later I heard him moaning about the smell. Around 8:30pm everyone left. Niall turned the telly and I sat beside him holding Carly. I looked down at her and she looked at me with her blue eyes like her daddy and her little bit of brown curls on top of her little head. “She has your eyes and my hair” I said to Niall. “I know. That means she is going to be a little beauty like her mammy” he replied. “Aww” I awed. Niall started tickling her and she scrunched up her face and laughed. Niall took her off me and I went and got snacks from the kitchen and Carly’s bottle. I handed Niall the bottle and I opened a packet of nachos. As we ate and watched the telly Carly fell asleep in my arms and soon enough I was asleep too.

*Next morning*

I woke in my bed. Niall wasn’t there. Then the door opened and Niall came in holding Carly. He got into the bed and placed Carly on his legs and played with her. “My mam, dad, Greg, Denies, Theo and your parents and David are on their way” said Niall reading the text of his phone. I climbed out of bed and got into the shower. I got out dried myself and blow dried my hair. Then I took Carly off Niall and let him get into the shower.  I got dressed into a baby pink dress that went straight across my collarbone, a white blazer, and pink strappy heels, diamond ear rings with matching necklace and bracelet and a white clutch. I placed my hair in a messy bun at my left side held in with a flowery clip. I placed makeup on my face with my nails painted white with little pink flowers at the cuticle. I dressed Carly in a christen gown with I wore and David wore. Niall came out dressed in a black 3 piece suite with a pink tie and black shoes. We drove towards the church. We arrived to the boys, Lexi and our families there. We walked into the church and sat down at the front. The ceremony began and ended quickly. We all drove towards the party. There was cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents, parents and brothers there. We all danced and celebrated Carly. Then the boys went onto the stage to sing ‘Little Things’ for Carly. Everyone went onto the dance floor to dance along. Theo and Lux danced together and I danced with Carly. As Niall’s solo came he got me onto the stage with Carly. We placed the mic between us. “You never loved yourself, how first much like I love you and you never treat yourself right darling but I want you to, if I let you know I’m here for you, and maybe you’ll love yourself like I love…” sang Niall. And as he went to sing the last word Carly took hold of the mic and shouted “FOOD”. Everyone broke out in laughter and the amazement of quite little Carly. Then Louis said “Like father, like daughter” and everyone kept laughing. Then we went on dancing, singing, drinking, eating and having a good time. As the night went on people left. Niall and my family where staying in a hotel across the road and the rest of the boys were staying in mine or Lexi’s. As we departed from each other we all went to bed tired.

Months later:

Carly is now 1. Lexi is close to delivery and Liam and Lexi are hoping to get married on Sunday. Everything is bought and ordered for the day.

Sunday morning:

As I helped Lexi into her lace wedding dress with a low back and laced sleeves. He nails done French tip with diamonds leading from the top to the bottom. And her sliver open toed low heels. And her cherry red hair in a donut bun on top of her head. I dressed in a sweetheart dress, with beaded design on the top and a peach skirt and peach heels and my hair fully curled and let loose. Carly dressed in a little white dress with peach flowers running thought it and little frilly socks and white shoes.

After the ceremony

 As we partied and had a laugh the night went on. As Lexi and Liam took to the floor for their first dance so did Carly and Lux. As pictures where taking and people joined in the music stopped and we cheered for the happy couple. We left the wedding around 3am. We got to the apartment and Lexi and Liam followed us to their apartment.

A week later:

Lexi is days overdue and we are all watching her like a time bomb. Liam is the most nervous. Liam and Lexi left early to get an early night as they might need to get up early. I placed Carly down for bed and the rest of the boys left to go out to the pub. “Niall you don’t have to stay here” I said. “I know but I want to” he replied. We changed into our pyjamas and got into bed. We put a movie on in the bedroom and I lay my head on Niall’s shoulder. As the movie ended Niall and I went to bed.

My Dream:

As I walked down the street something was different. There was someone extra with us. I couldn’t make them out. Lexi was behind but different too. As the dream went on I started waking up.

I woke to the sound of Carly crying. I looked at Niall who was passed out beside me so I got up and walked into her room. I picked her up and swayed back and forth singing softly to her. As I placed her down my phone started vibrating in my dressing gown pocket. I answered it:


“Haley its Liam”

“What’s wrong?”

“Lexi says its time”

“Ok I’ll be over in a minute don’t panic”

*End of phone call*

I ran into my room and put on sweat pants and a tee and jumped into flip flops. I woke Niall up with all the rushing. “Haley, what’s wrong” he asked. “Lexi says its time” I replied. He jumped out of bed and put on a tee and his runners. He grabbed Carly out of bed and we ran over to Lexi and Liam’s door. I opened it with the spare key. Lexi was on the couch breathing and Liam was in their bed room packing a bag for Lexi. I ran over to Lexi and grabbed her hand. “Ok Lexi breath…… breath you’re going to be ok” I reassured her. Niall put Carly down on the couch and ran to help a nervous yet scared Liam. They came back a minute later. Liam and Niall helped her off the couch and help her back. I took Carly and the bag and followed them out. We got to the cars to find Liam forgot his car keys, so I took out my car keys and Niall drove.

Skip the car ride

We got Lexi into a room and hocked up to monitors. We all sat in the room with her and waited. Liam and Carly fell asleep together on the couch. Niall left to go to the canteen to get hot drinks and food. I sat beside a nervous Lexi. “Lexi calm down your fine. I’m here and so is Liam.” I said. She looked at me and nodded. Niall came back and handed us food and drinks. He got Lexi some ice to bite. I texted her mam and dad, Liam texted his parents’ and Niall texted the rest of the boys.

Hours later:

It was finally time for Lexi to have the baby. She grabbed Liam’s hand and the bed was wheeled out of the room. We waited and waited when finally the bed was wheeled back. I walked up to a tired Lexi and a weak looking Liam. “Haley, I would like you and Niall to meet your new godson” smiled Lexi. I looked at her with tears in my eyes with happiness. She handed me a little baby boy. “What’s his name?” asked Niall while his finger was held by little hands. “Branden Niall Payne” smiled Liam. The rest of the boys came in to see their new ‘nephew’. Later that same day Lexi’s mam and dad came up and Liam’s parents took the first flight over to see their grandson. 

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