My name is Haley White. I’m 20 years old. I live in an apartment in Dublin, Ireland. I attend a Cooking Collage. I have long brown hair, green eyes and I wear glasses or contacts. My best friend Lexi Wood lives across the hall from me and she attends a Beauty Collage, so she can become a beautician and open her own business. She has cherry red hair, blue eyes and has the cutest dimples I have ever seen. My live goal is to open my own bakery/café called the “Icing House”. Lexi and my parents both live in Mullingar and are good friends. Ever since I went to a 5SOS concert with Lexi I’ve been having the same dream about the same boy I ran into. He had Blond hair (brown at the roots), blue dreamy eyes and the cutest Irish accent I ever heard even though I live in Ireland his voice makes me shiver with glee when I hear it in my dreams. It's being going on for a year now. This is where my story begins....


23. Chapter 22.

Niall’s been gone a day now and I’m missing him, even though I’ve texting and calling him non-stop. Lexi has come over with the other boys to get my mind off Niall. We’re watching ‘The Other Women’. Lexi also has painted my nails as I can’t reach my toes! “Anyone hungry” I asked. “I am” replied everyone. I grabbed the phone and ordered pizza. The pizza arrived and Zayn got up for the pizza and Harry got drinks. As the movie ended Lexi and the boys left as Lexi and Liam where going out. It was about 8:30pm. I rang Niall again and we talked for ages then I went back into Louis who was trying to pick a DVD. “What do you want to watch” asked Liam. “Father of the Bride part II” I replied excited. I walked into the kitchen and came back with my bag that’s full of goodies. I sat on the couch beside Louis and lied down. I handed Louis the bag and he dumped it all over the couch. I didn’t care. I just grabbed a chocolate bar and ate it. As we watched the film I watched the women doing their excise with Franc. As the film ended I got up and went to bed. Louis fell asleep on the couch and I got into bed.

*4 am*

I woke around 4am. I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom. I came back and my bed was wet. I started panicking. I grabbed my ready packed suite case and my coat and walked out to Louis who was fast asleep. I one of his shoes at him and he woke in shock. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “It’s time Louis” I replied. He jumped and grabbed he’s keys and took my bag off me. We made it to the car. We go into the car and Louis drove to the hospital. We got into the hospital and I was brought to a room and hooked up to a monitor. I took my phone out and rang Niall. “Hello Haley you ok?” asked Niall. “Niall I’m in labour” I replied. “What?” he replied. I could here lots of running and bangs. “Niall what’s going on?” I asked. “I’m on my way don’t worry.” He replied. “I told you I was going to be there for you”. And the call ended. I texted my mam, Niall’s family, Lexi and the boys. Hours passed and Lexi, the boys, and mine and Niall’s family all arrived. Niall texted me saying he was in a taxi on the way to the hospital. A while passed and it was time for me to go to the delivery room. “I can’t go yet, Niall’s not here” I started. “I’m sorry but you have to go” replied the nurse. My bed was wheeled towards the delivery room. Just as I was going through the doors I felt a hand on mine and it was Niall. “I’m here love. Let’s go” said Niall. And we went into the room.


Hours passed.

Niall and I sat in the room. Everyone came in to meet my baby. “Mam, dad, Maura and Bobby meet your granddaughter” I said. She was small with no hair but had her daddy’s blue eyes. “What’s her name?” asked Lexi. “Carly Ava Horan” replied Niall.    

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