My name is Haley White. I’m 20 years old. I live in an apartment in Dublin, Ireland. I attend a Cooking Collage. I have long brown hair, green eyes and I wear glasses or contacts. My best friend Lexi Wood lives across the hall from me and she attends a Beauty Collage, so she can become a beautician and open her own business. She has cherry red hair, blue eyes and has the cutest dimples I have ever seen. My live goal is to open my own bakery/café called the “Icing House”. Lexi and my parents both live in Mullingar and are good friends. Ever since I went to a 5SOS concert with Lexi I’ve been having the same dream about the same boy I ran into. He had Blond hair (brown at the roots), blue dreamy eyes and the cutest Irish accent I ever heard even though I live in Ireland his voice makes me shiver with glee when I hear it in my dreams. It's being going on for a year now. This is where my story begins....


13. Chapter 12.

My Dream.

 As usual I'm walking down the same street with the same people. Their faces are coming clearer and I can make out some of the voices. The boys behind me aren't Irish but the one holding my hand. Everything started coming further and further away. I was waking up.


“Haley…Haley wake up we're going home” whispered Niall. As I awoke I remember what day it was. “It’s Christmas Eve!” I screamed. “I know” replied Niall. I got out of bed and got into the shower. After my shower I got dressed in a pink jumper with a snowman on it with jeans and winter boots as its cold and snowing. I put my hair into pigtails. I walked out to the kitchen to find porridge and toast with a coffee. I sat down to eat when Niall came in from the living room dressed in a jumper with red reindeers on it and jeans with runners. I finished my breakfast cleaned my teeth and packed the last of my things. Niall brought the bags down as there was only 2 and I went to get Lexi as she was travelling down with us. The door opened after I knocked and she was dressed in 1 jumper, a zip up top, tracksuit bottoms and winter boots and her hair in a ponytail. (She’s not a winter person). I grabbed Niall and my flask with coffee. Lexi had hers and she picked her bag up and walked down to the car. I drove for a while and we arrived in Mullingar. We dropped Lexi off at her house. I dropped Niall off at his dad’s and said I’ll see him tomorrow. I drove to my parents’ house. I climbed out of the car and took my bag out of the boot and walked to the door, I opened it. “I'm home” I called. I placed my bag on the floor. Next thing I knew I was on the floor tickling my little brother. “Did you get your iPad” I asked. “Yes thank you” he replied. I walked into the living room to find my dad watching the telly and my mam making dinner. “Hi mam hi dad” I said running to them. “I missed you” they said. The house was decorated. The tree was in its usual place with no decorations on it as it’s a tradition we decorate it together. As my mam finished dinner we all sat to eat. After dinner I helped David set up a skype account so he could talk to me. We decorated the tree then sat together on the couch and watched Christmas specials on the telly with hot drinks. Afterwards we went to bed. David was excited as Santa was coming tonight. We climbed into bed and fell asleep.

My dream:

I was walking along the same street but wearing the necklace Zayn got me. But this time Lexi was in the dream holding the hand of one of the boys behind us. We were laughing and joking. Then everything was fading and disappearing. I was waking up again.

I woke up after my dream. I looked at my clock. It read 3am. I got up and went downstairs to get a glass of water. I wrapped my dressing gown around me placed my slippers on my feet and walked downstairs. I got to the living room door and could fell a lot of heat coming from it. I opened the door to find the Christmas tree on fire. I quickly closed the door and ran upstairs. I ran into my parent’s room and woke them up. They got out of bed and ran downstairs. I ran into David’s room and woke him up. He got out of bed and ran to the door. I ran out of the house to the front garden where neighbours where with my mam and dad. Mr. Kelly rang the   fire brigade. The fire brigade arrived with an ambulance. I was looking around for David. Then I remembered he didn’t follow me out of the house. “NO……NO” I screamed. Just as I went to run two arms wrapped around me and pulled me to their chest. “Haley calm down… I’m here” said the voice. It was Niall. “NO… DAVID’S STILL IN THERE” I screamed. I squirmed out of Niall’s grip and ran for the front door. I ran into the house. There was black smoke everywhere. People were screaming my name. I didn’t care, I wanted my brother safe in my arms. The heat was so hot parts of the roof had fallen into the house the fire spread all around the house. I found the stairs and ran up them. I was coughing due to the smoke. I found David’s room. I opened the door. The room was tick with smoke there was fire everywhere. I called out for David. I heard little coughing coming from the bed. I found a weak half unconscious boy. I picked him up in my arms. I walked toward the door. It was covered in flames. I started kicking the door till it broke. It broke and I jumped through it. I ran down the stairs. The hall was in flames. I ran thought the flames and out the front door. My mam was in tears my dad comforting her. Niall was sitting on the ground tears flowing from his eyes and he was muttering. The firemen were hosing the fire out and neighbours where watching for something to happen. The paramedics saw me and ran up to me. They took David off me and brought us to the ambulance. They placed bandages over where I got burnt and cleaned the dirt off my face. My mam and dad ran up to me in tears. They hugged me then we all went over to David. He was lying on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on his face. I was in tears. They told us if he wasn’t out sooner they wouldn’t have been able to do anything. They told me that I was a brave. My mam and dad got into the ambulance and drove off towards the hospital. I ran over to Niall who was in tears and didn’t see me coming out. He saw me and ran over to me hugging me like there was no tomorrow. He told me that he was never letting me go. We walked around to his house after the firemen told me the fire is out and people started leaving. We walked into the living room. Bobbie was in the kitchen making breakfast. I just sat on the couch and just didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if was going to cry or just blame myself. “Haley, you ok?” asked Niall. I didn’t answer. He walked into his dad and came out a few minutes later with breakfast. He handed me a plate. I took it off him and I placed it on my lap. Niall turned the telly on and we watched “Family Guy”. “Haley you have to eat” said Niall after a while. I started picking at my breakfast. I finished as much as I could and Niall ate the rest.

Afternoon: 2:30pm.

The front door opened. “Merry Christmas everyone” said Greg. “Hi Greg” said Niall. Theo and Denies followed in. “There’s my little man” said Niall. Bobby greeted them and brought them into the living room. I was sitting there watching the TV. “Hello Haley” said Denies. “Hi” I replied. My eyes were red and puffy. “What’s wrong?” asked Theo. “Notting” I half laughed. “Em……Niall I’m going for a walk” I said. “Do you want me to come?” he asked. “No its ok you spend time with your family” I told him. I put on one of Niall’s jumpers and walked out. I started walking towards my house. I stood in front of my house. All my memories gone. I walked towards the house. I walked where the door used to be. I walked into the living room. The Christmas tree was ruined. I started picking at the presents. They were burnt. I walked up the black stairs. I walked into my room. All my photos, clothes, toiletries, shoes and my phone gone. I was hurt. I walked out of the house. I walked back to Niall’s. I knocked on the door and Niall answered. “Niall can you drive me to the hospital” I asked. “Sure” he replied. Niall told Bobby where he was going and grabbed his keys. We got into the car and drove off.

*Skip the car ride*

We arrived at the hospital. I climbed out of the car and walked to the desk. “How can I help you” asked the lady. “I’m looking for David White” I asked. “Room 609” she replied. “Thank you” I said. Niall took my hand and we walked to the room. I opened the door. My mam was sitting on the bed holding David’s hand and my dad was drinking a coffee. David was awake. “Hi bro” I said. He smiled at me. He still had the oxygen mask on his mouth. His burns where covered up in bandages. The nurse came into the room and said “I can now remove the mask as it’s nearly empty and your oxygen is clean so you’re ok”. “Oh god thank you” said dad.


*Days later*

Everyone is fine. My mam, dad and David are going to live in my apartment while I go back on tour with the boys. As all the Christmas presents where burnt I bought the whole family a present.

“Mam, Dad and David for a late Christmas present I have bought you… A new house in Mullingar on the road that Bobby Horan lives on.” I said. “Honey thank you, thank you” cried my mam. “And the demolished our old house so the memory is gone and your insurance has been able to replace some of the items that have been burnt away.” I said. I handed David his new iPad, my mam the bracelet I got her and my dad got an old watch replica of the one his grandfather owned.               

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