In the Shadows (NARUTO fanfic)

Twelve year old orphan, Taiga lives in wilderness of the Fire Nation, just outside of the Konoha village, along with some other orphans. But that all changes when Taiga's “family” is killed by a gang of outlaws. Soon after, he meets Hatake Kakashi, a ninja from Konoha village. After being taken in by Kakashi, by orders of the Hokage, Taiga joins the ninja academy and meets the prankster, Uzumaki Naruto, love-struck fan-girl, Haruno Sakura, and the anti-social youth, Uchiha Sasuke, as well as many others. Whether fighting infamous villains or training for the chunin exams, Taiga struggles to keep his true identity, and gender (female), a secret. Disclaimer: I don't own NARUTO, all credit should go to Kishimoto Masashi and the people who made the anime. I only own the OCs and ninjutsu I create. Also; sorry for any and all OOCs that I may commit.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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