A Untold Secret

Hello, I am Hannah Richardson. Me and my parents told every secret and never kept one away from each other. Like for example, I knew I was adopted. But a year after searching for my real family, I founded out who my real parents were. The one secret they have kept from me. The secret of who my real family is. Read to find out the whole story.


6. Unpack & New Start

I finished carrying up my last box to my room and I looked around. "Do you need some help unpacking?" I heard a Irish voice say. "Oh, Niall!" I smiled and he did too. "Sure, I would love for you to help." I said and he grinned. We finished setting up my bed and I started to put my books on the bookshelf. Niall walked over to a box and opened it. "Uh....should I be surprised?" He asked as he held up a One Direction poster.


"Your not supposed to see that." I said as I grabbed the poster from the awkward moment. "What about this?" He asked, holding up a t-shirt with them on it. "Okay, so I might have been a HUGE fan and so....yeah." I said. Niall stared kindly at me. "What are you staring at? Me or the poster?" I asked him and he laughed. "You of course." He said and I blushed.


"Take a picture, Niall, it lasts longer." I said and he looked over at my books. "Nice books that you got here." Niall said as he picked one up and looked at it. "This is one of my favorites. 'The Fault In Our Stars'." I said and he looked over at me and read the back of the book. "Sounds like a good story, but its not better than the story we are living in." Niall said and we caught each other's eyes.


After a awkward moment, we looked at the books again. "It's raining now." I said as I got up off the floor and walked over to my window seat. "Seems so. Come on!" He said as he pulled me out of my room, down the stairs, and out the door. I stood at the front door and he was dancing in the rain. "Come on! Are you afraid of getting wet?" He said pouting.


I ran out to join him in the rain. He smiled and his eyes shimmered into my eyes. We started dancing in the rain together. Maybe my new start couldn't start without Niall being around me. I may be Harry's sister, but I am going to be known as another person too. Hannah Grace Styles, her own person.

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