A Untold Secret

Hello, I am Hannah Richardson. Me and my parents told every secret and never kept one away from each other. Like for example, I knew I was adopted. But a year after searching for my real family, I founded out who my real parents were. The one secret they have kept from me. The secret of who my real family is. Read to find out the whole story.


2. Them

- A year later-

I looked back into my notebook and flipped through every page. I studied it closely and realized that I just founded my real family. "Mum! Dad! I think I just found something." I yelled and I heard them run up the stairs. The door opened and I started crying. "My real family is-" I said and then I stopped and I was holding the notebook in my hands. "Your Harry Styles' younger sister, Hannah." My dad said.


My blood brother was in the most famous boy band in the world and I just had found that out. Gemma and Harry are apparently my older siblings and Anne Cox and Des Styles are my real parents. "Why was I the one that was put up for adoption?" I asked mum and dad. "I don't know, sweetheart." My mum said as she brushed her hand through my hair.


"How will I contact my family?" I asked. "Your only 18, Han." Dad said and I looked at the floor. "This was an untold secret that is not done being told. I have to do this." I said and I looked into their eyes. "Please." I said quietly. I looked up Anne's address and I packed up my bags. "I will see how things go first." I said as I kissed my parent's cheeks goodbye.


I threw my stuff in the back of my car and drove to Anne's place. I arrived to the neighborhood and it had a huge gate. "What's your name and who are you here to see?" The guard asked me. "My name is Hannah Styles. I am Des and Anne's daughter. I will prove it to you." I showed him the proof and he looked at me. "Why did they put you up for adoption?" He asked me. "That's what I am here to find out while meeting them for the first time." I said and he smiled. "Good luck." He said as he opened the gates and I drove in.


I discovered the mansion after a few blocks. I drove into the driveway and parked and looked at the mansion. "Wow." I said, this place was so much bigger than my place. I got out of my car and walked to the front door. I ringed the doorbell. "Please remember me." I said to myself. The door unlocked and opened. "Are you Anne Cox?" I asked her. "Yes. Who are you?" She asked.


I started crying and she looked at me. "Why are you crying?" She asked. "I'm Hannah Grace Styles, your daughter." I said and she stood there for a second before she started crying. "Hannah, that's you?" She asked when crying into my arms. "It's me, mum. It's been 18 years, but it is still me." I said crying. A man appeared in the doorway. "Robin, this is my youngest child, Hannah." My mum said. "Hannah, this is my husband, your stepfather, Robin Twist." I smiled at him and we hugged.


"Come in, sweetie." Robin said to me. "Me and your mum want you to meet your older brother and sister. We walked into a big room and two people were watching the telly. "Gemma, Harry, meet your younger sister, Hannah Styles." I smiled and they both got up off of the couch. "Our younger sister?" The both asked mum and she nodded. "I am Gemma and the oldest." She said and smiled. "Introduce yourself." Gemma said elbowing our brother in the arm.


"Oh. I am Harry, the middle child now. I am a singer in One Direction." He said. "I am a fan, actually. Its interesting to find out that your older brother is a famous pop singer along with 4 other boys." I said smiling and he did too. "Why don't we catch up from after 18 years." Mum said and we all sat down on the couch.



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