A Untold Secret

Hello, I am Hannah Richardson. Me and my parents told every secret and never kept one away from each other. Like for example, I knew I was adopted. But a year after searching for my real family, I founded out who my real parents were. The one secret they have kept from me. The secret of who my real family is. Read to find out the whole story.


1. Beginning The Search

-1 year ago- *Let me start from the beginning.*


I sat at the table eating my dinner with my parents and I saw a picture where I was on my parent's laps when I was a baby. "Hey mum?" I asked her and she looked up from her plate. "Remember how we never keep secrets from each other?" I said and she nodded. "I know I am adopted, but I don't know who my real family is. Who are they?" I asked my mum and dad. They didn't answer for 3 minutes. "Your birth surname is Styles." Dad finally said.


My last name is Styles. That's a nice name, Hannah Grace Styles. "I guess I better start searching on the computer then." I said as I grabbed my plate and settled it on other dirty dishes in the sink. I ran up to my room and pulled out my laptop. I grabbed a big notebook that was filled with notebook paper. It might take me a while to find who I really am.


I searched everywhere and things of random keep popping up. I went onto another website, crossing my fingers. I looked onto the page of people with the last names of Styles. So many names, I might need some help with this. "Mum! Dad! Come here for a minute, please." I said as I called out to my parents.


"What's wrong, Hannah?" My mum asked me as her and dad came through the door. "Nothing. I just need your help with finding my family. Do you know their first names?" I asked. "Yes we do." My dad said happily. "Hannah, I think you should wait until your a little bit older." My mum said and I looked at dad. "You mum is probably right." He said.


"Give me some hints. Where was I born?" I asked. My mum hesitated for a minute and spoke. "Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England." She said and I smiled. "I was born January 22nd, 1996." I said as I kept typing into my laptop. (It took me a whole year to find my real family)

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