Enchantment (Open)

Kathy is not normal and it is something that she has come to realise. When her parents send her to a school called Enchantment she goes on a tale of adventure, romance and horror. The schools main colour is black but she loves orange. The schools mascot is a gargoyle but she loves butterfly's will she fit in? Find out in Enchantment.


2. Packing & Leaving

It was getting near the evening so I decided to start packing my things. Right I will need... My family photo, my iPhone 5s, clothes, Pall Mall cigarettes ect...

"Are you done packing" Asked dad walking into my room.

"Nearly" I said.

"My little girl all grown up" Said dad looking glad.

"Dad I'm 17 now" I said giggling.

"I'll miss you" Said dad.

"You too" I said giving him a smile.

~The next day and at the train station~

When we pulled up at the train station. I saw the other girls and boys chatting and climbing on to the train.

"This is your stop dear" Said mum as we climbed out of the car.

I walked over to my mum and hugged her and said "Goodbye mum I love you"."I love you too" Replied mum. "I hugged dad next and said "Goodbye dad I love you"."I love you too" replied dad.

I picked up my bags and climbed onto the train and sat down. The train slowly rolled away as I waved my mum and dad goodbye and mouthed I love you. As I sat forward I saw a boy walk up to me.

"Is this seat taken" He asked pointing to the seat next to me.

"No feel free to take it" I said.

"My name is Justin" He said offering his hand to me.

I shook his hand and smiled. It looked like I might have already made a friend!

"Mine is Kathy I'm 17" I said shaking his hand.

"Cool I'm 17 too we'll be in the same class together!" I said smiling.

"So what creature are you I asked?"

"I'm a vampire" He said.

"Me too!" I exclaimed.

"I'm properly a vampire now I mean some people go into the stage faster than others. By looking at you it hasn't happened to you yet" He said.

"Oh" I said surprised.

"So what's the school like?" I asked.

"It's fine here's a photo" He said holding up his phone.

A/N: Hey guys what do you think? Looks like I updated in the same day. Don't know about chapter 3 though might update on the 22 July 2014 but might not because I am going to my Grans house. Please remember I have a very busy life but I will try to update as soon as possible. 😀 :)

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