My Crazy Love Story

Matt, Penny, and Ash have all been best friends since preschool. As they grew up they did everything together and Penny found herself falling in love with Matt. When he gets invited to MagCon she tries to get over him. When he finally comes back will she fall in love with him again or fall for one of his friends?


1. My Crazy Love Story

~Penelope's POV~

"Penny! Wake up!" Someone jumped on my bed causing me to jolt up and scream. The boy started laughing, the same laugh that made me smile all those years ago. "Oh my gosh! Matty!" I shrieked, attacking him with a huge bear hug.

"I've missed you so much!" he said, returning the hug.

"Ditto!" I smiled, as we pulled apart. He laughed again and grabbed my hand.

"Let's go get Ash!" He raced out of the room, pulling me behind him. we tore through the hall and threw open Ashley's door.

"Ash, guess who's back!" I said not wanting to let go of his hand, but he pulled away to jump on Ash. A low groan came from under the covers.

"Ugh, what do you want, Penny?" She groaned, still not opening her eyes. Matt did one of his unique noises, but nothin moved from under the covers. After a few seconds had gone by, we figured she went back to sleep, and Matt leaned in to yank the covers off. Before he could even grab them, Ash jumped up and screamed his name. Scared, Matt fell off the bed causing a huge thud. As we laughed. a male voice came from downstairs asking if everything was alright.

"Who was that?" I asked, curiously wondering who else was in my apartment.

"Oh, I brought home some of my MagCon buddies. C'mon! I'll introduce you guys!"

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