My Crazy Love Story

Matt, Penny, and Ash have all been best friends since preschool. As they grew up they did everything together and Penny found herself falling in love with Matt. When he gets invited to MagCon she tries to get over him. When he finally comes back will she fall in love with him again or fall for one of his friends?


2. Jealousy for Breakfast

Ash's POV

Penny and I followed Matt down the stairs. There, sprawled all over the living room were eight boys.

"Okay so that's Nash, Jack G, and Aaron." Matt pointed to the three boys on the couch. He then pointed the the boys standing. "And that's Jack J, Cameron, and Shawn. And there's Taylor and Carter sitting on the floor." I immediately locked eyes with Carter. I felt something poke into my side. I looked at Penny who was elbowing and smirking at me. I blushed and looked down at my feet.

"And guys these are my best friends, Ash and Penny." Matt said putting his arms around our shoulders.

"Hi." We both said in unison. There was an awkward pause where we all just kinda looked at each other.

"So... anyone else hungry? Cause I'm gonna go make some French toast." Penny finally spoke skipping into the kitchen.

"Oh my gosh! YES!!" Matt and I both raced into the kitchen. The other boys made weird faces.

"She literally makes he best French toast ever!" Matt explained.

Penny's pov

I started getting all my ingredients out as all the boys filed into the breakfast nook connected to the kitchen.

"Hey do you need help with anything?" One of the boys asked walking over to me. I hadn't noticed him earlier, but wow was he cute!

"Oh, hi..uh?"


"Right. Right. I knew that, but um no I think I got it, but thanks." I said cracking an egg into the bowl.

"Are you sure? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be in here cooking by herself." Shawn insisted.

"Well If you really want to you could get me out a pan. They are under the cabinet next to the fridge." I stated. Crap I think I'm blushing! I can't believe someone as attractive as him just called me pretty!He got out the pan and put it on the stove.

"Ok what's next boss?" He asked winking at me. I playfully gave him a dirty look.

"Can you just get out the flour?" I turned around to turn on the stove when the next thing I knew My whole backside was covered in flour. "Oh no you didn't!" I yelled grabbing flour from the bag and throwing it in his face.

"This is war!" He exclaimed.

"Hey what's going on in here?" Matt asked walking into the kitchen. He almost looked jealous but I knew it was just my imagination. He would never love me the way I love him.

"Oh nothin, making French toast." I answered nervously. Shawn chuckled next to me I could tell he was trying to hold it in. I glared at him and hit his arm. "Whaaaat are you doing?"

"Uh-huh well I just wanted to see how the French toast was coming along."

"Oh it's going great I'm just about to start putting them on the pan." I explained. I got the bread out and sprayed the pan with Pam.

"Okay do you want me to get out the forks and plates?" Matt questioned.

"Don't worry about it Matt I got it. You just go back to the table we will bring everything out when it's ready." Shawn answered for me. Matt nodded and slowly walked back into the nook. I felt like I was betraying Matt somehow but at the same time I need to get over him. Maybe there could be something between me and Shawn.

The French toast was finally finished and Shawn helped me carry everything out to the table. I sat in between Matt and Ash while Shawn went and sat across from me next to Cameron and Taylor.

"Bon appetite! Everybody dig in!" I said.

Matt's POV

Penny and Shawn finally brought the food to the table and I immediately started eating. I was starving. I started to think about Shawn and Penny together in the kitchen. When I saw them together something came over me. I felt kind of angry like I was jealous but I don't know why I would be. Penny's my best friend why should I care if she likes Shawn, he's a great guy.

"Wow this is fantastic! Why didn't you tell me that your best friend was such and amazing cook?" Nash exclaimed pulling me from my thoughts. I just laughed and continued eating.

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