Edward Scissorhands-The Child Within.

Kim Boggs told the story of how snow came around several years ago-she is now dead. But her granddaughter, now twenty three years old, studies in engineering and and surgery. She wants to help Edward Scissorhands, but will Eleesa Higs dredge up too many sad memories for him to make real hands possible? Cover-Crown of Shadownight


1. Prologue-Eleesa Higs.

        I couldn't stop thinking about the story my grandmother told me when I was younger, the story of how home started to snow, after years of nothing-it should have been a happy story, a glad one, but all I can remember is how-how sad grandmother sounded as she told it.

        I wanted to help the man she spoke of-the man with the scissors for hands. Edward, was it? I only wanted to help him-I didn't want it to end up like this. Not like this at all. I only hope my grandmother can forgive me from her grave, only hope Edward will forgive me too...I'm so, so sorry Edward. It was never meant to turn out like this. Never, ever, ever, never in a million years, but it has. Please, please forgive me, everyone...

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