Give to get

Meet the British spy Lake Berry who works for The 13th Bureau. She is trying to find her love, Jack Sky, who mysteriously dissapeared one night. But the only way to find him is through the company she dreads the most. Greenwald SPIES. An obnoxious man who is an enemy to the Company and probably her worst nightmare, James Co, forces her to give away the Company's most important item, which took ten years to be found.The Green Diamond. But James has no idea what he wants to obtain. And Lake doesn't know what the Company owns. There is something dreadful in the heart of the Diamond...


1. 1

The cold breeze hit my skin and I shivered slightly. I was just making my way out of the college building. I was studying science and technology, but science clearly had the advantage.

I was pretty good, if I may say so myself...I even knew how to disable a bomb. They don't teach you that in college, but the net does.

Science, well I had been studying science for five years.It's crazy right? I took technology  a year ago and I was really into it. I felt like I had the perfect life.The one that you would love to live after you finish high school.

I was always a bit of a rebel though. Now I know what your thinking. Rebel? Yeah, I wouldn't do my homework in time, I was always late, and I kind of liked to beat little kids up.

But for some wacky reason, I always loved science. My mom bought me this giant book when I was twelve, I thought she was crazy. Me? Study? Science? No way...But when I finished it, I felt like I knew something.That it wasn't difficult to learn the weird equations and chemical formulas. Maybe I was a natural, who knows. But it came to me pretty easy.

Then I found my love. Jack Sky. He was the one who pushed me to express my love for science, and join The Bayan college.So here I was, in my 5th year, and 2 more years to go.

I slipped into my car and started the engine. As I rubbed my hands together for warmth, my phone started playing my favorite song: ONE 21 GUNS, LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, GIVE UP TH-"Hello?" I said.

"Hey babe, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to the pub with my chummy Ryan"

"Okay,don't get too drunk" He chuckled.

"Bye. Love you"

"Love you too babe" he said and hung up. I smiled. My boyfriend always made me feel loved. I knew he'd never cheat, or anything. He was the most sincere person I knew. And if he wasn't, I probably would know. The thing between guys and myself was that I could almost always tell if they were assholes, or if they were decent enough to go out with. And if I was wrong then...Well...It would sting a bit.

I reached my apartment and opened the door. I went straight to my room and dumped the bag on my bed. I checked my reflection in the mirror with the silver frame. I was 5'6 . I had straight fiery red hair and  really light blue eyes, kind of like ice colored. I was slim, but curvy just at the right places. I was wearing a floral dress that reached just above my knees, and a plain denim flannel that reached my thighs and white flats. I never liked dark colors. I always liked bright and fun ones the best.

My face was angled and I looked very serious all the time because of that. My skin was fair which is why I never had acne, or needed to wear any make-up. I only put on some powder and eyeliner, usually.

I now walked over to my closet and grabbed my pink yoga pants, a blue sports bra and a white tank to wear over the bra. I also grabbed my purple and pink NIKE trainers. I placed my Victoria's secret robe and a towel over the pile in my hands and made my way to the bathroom nonchalantly. I stepped under the hot water of the shower. I put my favorite shampoo on my loofah. The Sparkling blackberry woods one.And I swear it smelled like heaven. It was extremely relaxing and my day had only contained studying so far. This entire situation was heaven.

After half an hour of showering, I finally got out. I wrapped my robe around me and a smaller towel around my hair. I put on my black Victoria's secret underwear. I then put on my workout clothes. I dried my hair and walked out of the bathroom. I paced my Gym bag over my shoulder and put in a towel, water, my phone, headphones and another head band.

I walked out of the penthouse door and double-checked that it was locked properly. I wasn't exactly rich but Elle had found me. I enjoyed writing and they spotted my blog which earned me a well-paying part time job. Even though I loved science and technology, I still had a sense of fashion. They would have me write small fashion articles and usually reply to the distressed messages coming from anxious teen girls.

I was at the gym in about ten minutes and began doing my usual exercises immediately.

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