In Divergent we really only hear about Dauntless, Erudite and Abnegations way of life. We hear a little about Amity but never really Candor. This fanfiction is about a Divergent girl trying to survive Candor life.


2. Chapter 2

Jack Kang stood in front of us, he was the representative of Candor when all the factions had a meeting. Candor was said to not have a leader, but everyone knew not to mess with him, he was in charge. His black hair was combed back with hair gel so his hair was all shiny. His eyes were a piercing blue and you couldn't say no to him, there was no way you could keep the truth from him. I thought he was brilliant. Although, all the focus was on him there were two other Candors. I recognised them, they were friends with my brother. Ali and Jorge were their names. Ali had long blonde hair that went white at the bottom. Her eyes where black which didn't go with her hair at all but somehow that made her look pretty. Ali's hair was cut short like the abnegation but they way his lip curled upwards when he smiled you could tell he was a true Candor. 

"For the next few weeks you will go through initiation, you will have to pass the first stages to succeed in the last stage of initiation. Faction born initiates will go with Ali and the rest with Jorge. Is that clear?" asked Jack Kang. He walked away before anyone could answer.


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