monster high all about stories

Monster high all about and my own collection of stories about monster high. It is still in progress though. I hope you enjoy reading it !!! Thank you


2. The New Ghouls

It was a new scaremester at monster high. And a new scaremester means new students. Including the two shyest ghouls monster high might ever see Jane Boolittle and Twyla. Some more new ghouls are Sophia, Sage, Catty Noir, Gigi Grant and Brooke. There were also some new guys at monster high like Max Hunter, Jacob Light and Pluto Galaxy. Jane Boolittle was soo shy she didn't want to go to monster high. So she snuck down to the catacombs. Where she met a group of small cute little creatures. All the pets of students who attend Monster High. As she continues hidding with her new friends ,what will happen next when she'll soon have to face here fear and go to school ?... While the rest of the newest students were getting assigned to their new dorms. "Twyla and Gigi Grant are assigned to the chamber of glitches and wishes. Sophia and Sage are assigned to the chamber of witchs and snitches. Catty Nior is assigned to the chamber of popstars. Brooke and Jane Boolittle are assigned to the chamber of ghouls and fools. And Max Hunter , Jacob Light and Pluto Galaxy are assigned to the chamber of eyes and pies." Announced Mr D'Eath. As all of the students chattered away.


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