Desire (Niall Horan Fanfiction Student/Teacher)

desire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Ace Clever was a young 18 year old college student. She wanted to be normal, to go through college and forget about high school. She wanted to love and stay in love with her high school sweet heart. Little did she know she would soon be swept off her feet by not only her English teacher, but a man of many colors.


1. Prologue

Hey Guys!

This is my new Niall fic. It is StudentxTeacher so if you're not into that thing I wouldn't recommend this story for you! But if you're alright with it then lets do this thang! xx

-Ace's POV-

The drive into town was slow, I haven't been in this part of California before. It's my first day as a freshmen at Stanford College and I'm as nervous as it could be. It's been my dream to go here and I finally got in. Everyone says High School is supposed to be the best time of your life. But honestly I hope that isn't true. I hope that college is mine.

I've made a lot of stupid decisions and done many things I wish I could change, but that's life. There’s no way to learn from your mistakes without making mistakes. Only one good thing came out of high school, and that's my current boyfriend, Harry. He is going to the school a few towns over at UCLA. I'm happy for him, but I wish he could be here with me. 

Harry doesn't start for another week so he is driving up here with me to help me unpack and settle in. I'm happy that I have someone to help me since I don't know anyone here at the school. I finally pull into the student parking lot and park my car. I have no clue if I'm allowed to park there but for now that's where I'll park. 

I get out of my car and make my way into the administration building to find out where I'll be dorming for this year. My parents had offered to just buy me an apartment, but i turned it down wanting the full college dorm and all experience. 

When I got inside the building was cold, the air conditioner on full blast. I walked over to the desk where an older woman with short blonde hair smiled up at me. Her brown eyes held warmth and welcoming. 

"Hello, how can I help you?" She asked sweetly. I smiled softly pulling out a slip of paper that had all my information on it.

"I'm Ace Clever. I'm an incoming freshmen. I need to get my dorm and classes" I say trying to sound confident instead of nervous. The woman nodded and turned to a filing cabinet that was behind her. She rifled through the files until she finally stopped and pulled one out.

"Ah, yes. Ms. Clever. You're dorm 34 D and your classes are on this paper. You have classes starting on Monday, which leaves you today and tomorrow to unpack and get settled." She smiled handing me the key and papers. I nodded and thanked her before turning around and trying to find where the dorms were. 

After looking around for five minutes I finally found where the dorms were. They were fairly close to the campus meaning I didn't have to worry about being late, and I could possibly eat lunch in my room if I really wanted too. 

The sound of my phone chirping pulled me out of my thoughts. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw it was a text from Harry.

Harry <3:

Where are you babe? xx Haz

I quickly sent him the directions to where the dorms were located and which room I was in before running back to my car to drive it into the dorm parking lot. When I finally got parked where I was supposed to be Harry was just getting out of his car. His brown curls pushed up out of his face with a bandana. I laughed walking over to him.

"Hey beautiful" He smiled pecking my lips. I laughed taking his hand and leading him back to my car. I grabbed two bags and so did he leaving nothing else in the car. We made our way into the dorms following the walls and numbers until we got to 34 D. 

"Do you know if you have a roommate?" Harry asked as I dug through my purse for my keys.

"I know I will have one, I just don't know if she's here yet" I inform him. He hums in understanding. I finally find my key and unlock the door. We walk in and I gasp.

"Oh shit, Sorry!" I shriek. I guess I found out I do in fact have a roommate. She just happens to be dry humping a guy on one of the beds. I guess that beds hers...

"Sorry 'bout that. I didn't realize you were coming today" The girl with long brown hair and brown eyes chuckled climbing off the boy. He laughed with her winding his arm around her waist.

"I'm Savannah. And I guess I'm your roomie!" She smiles, her brown eyes bright. I laugh nervously. 

"I'm Ace, It's nice to meet you" I introduce. Harry stands awkwardly beside me reminding me to introduce him as well.

"Oh and this is my boyfriend Harry" I smile up at him. He beams, his deep dimples popping out as he grins. She nods looking to the boy she was just making out with. His brown quiff slightly deflated from the recent events.

"This is Louis, he's my boyfriend" She nods at him. He smiles shaking Harry's hand. I look around the room, seeing there are two beds and a single window that's very large. There are two medium sized dressers on either side of the room and a large closet. In the middle is a TV and mini fridge. It isn't much but I think I could get used to it. 

I nervously play with the ends of my long black hair as I try to think of what to say next. Eventually Harry starts unpacking one of my bags so I just go and help him. Savannah and Louis are sitting on her bed giggling about something, but that's about it. 

"Where do you want your computer?" Harry asked as I was organizing my nail polish across the window sill. I turned and faced him.

"Just put it on my bed, I'll find a place for it later." I shrug. I look back outside to see it was sunset. We had been unpacking most of the day. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, I knew it was Harry just by his scent. I sighed, I felt safe with Harry. He was there with me through all the bullshit known as high school. 

"Do you want to go get frozen yogurt?" He asks softly into my ear. I shrug. I don't really know my way around here, I'm afraid we would get lost.

"I'm afraid we would get lost somewhere" I laugh. He chuckles nodding in agreement. We both sigh as we watch the setting sun through the window.

"Uh, Ace?" Savannah's voice says behind us. We both turn and look at the brunette as she smiles softly.


"Louis and I are going to a party tonight. Would you like to come?" She asks, her boyfriend nods his head. I look up at Harry who shrugs and gives me a look as if to say 'it's up to you'. 

"Sure. What should I wear?" I ask. She grins running to the closet saying how she knew she had the perfect dress for me to wear. I laughed, I think I’m going to like having her as a roommate.


-Niall's POV-

I walked into the cool main office of my new workplace, Stanford College. To think I used to be a student just like these kids here only three years ago amazes me. I went to school back home in Ireland, but I wanted to see other countries so I found a job in California. I’m excited and nervous to begin the year. 

I found my way to the empty classroom that I would soon be calling mine. As I walked down the halls I kept getting funny looks from the other faculty members, I bet they are wondering if I'm a lost student or not. I seem to be a lot younger than most of the other teachers here. 

I rounded the corner and smiled at the classroom door that had a big 117 on it. My class. I pulled out my keys that the main office had given me to keep. I quickly unlocked the door and made my way inside the bare classroom.

Desks were lined up through the entire room. A large white board at the very front. A computer was placed on a desk and a projection screen was above the white board. It looked like an ordinary classroom, except the walls were completely bare. I knew I had a lot to do in the few hours I had in the classroom today.

I ended up getting to work and finding all the posters I had had delivered to the room the night before. I'm an English teacher so I found posters of some of my favorite books that were turned into movies, or of random English jokes that I know none of the students will understand, but they make me chuckle so I wanted them. 

An hour or so into the setup of the class there was a knock at the door. I stopped taping up my final poster and called out to them.

"Come in!"

A woman walked in, her auburn colored hair long and sleek down her back. She had a pointed face with high cheek bones that accentuated her over-all beautiful features. She smiled, her brown eyes dark and chocolaty. 

"Hello, I'm Kimberly Mason. The students call me Ms. Mason." She introduced herself. I stood there speechless for a moment before I picked my jaw off the ground and stuttered out a response.

"N-Niall Horan" I blushed. She laughed lightly nodding her head. 

"I know, you're the talk of the school. Apparently you're the youngest person to be hired since they hired myself." She smirked glancing down at her well-manicured finger nails.

"Oh, is that so?" I piped. She nodded smoothly gliding on top of one of the desks and crossing her legs daintily. 

"Yes. I like what you've done with the place" Kimberly said as she glanced around an amused look in her eyes. I blushed a bright pink.

"Thanks. I really should be getting on with it. But I just couldn't decide where I wanted some of the posters" I rambled. She chuckled nodding in understanding. We ended up chatting for a while, I went back to unpacking the books and my lesson plans and setting up my computer. Kimberly helped me set up my account and showed me how to make the lesson plans less boring and brighten them up a bit. She was very helpful. 

By the time it was 5:30 PM she had to head out and I decided to go as well. We walked down the bare hall her heels clacking against the linoleum flooring.

"It was great meeting you Kimberly" I smiled nodding to the direction I had parked. She smiled back at me.

"You as well Mr. Horan. I hope to see you around soon" She joked smiling. I laughed along with her before we went our separate ways. I climbed into my car, ending up going to the passenger side instead of the drivers because I still haven't gotten used to how the American's drive. I don't think I ever will. 

I drove my way home, I live in a cluster of small apartments that held many of the students that attend Stanford. I wonder if I'll be living next door to a student. I surely hope not, then everyone will know where I live and I don't think I want my students to know that.

I climbed the stairs up to my second floor apartment, the sound of music was already blaring from next door. I sighed hoping they would respect the midnight curfew for the city noise. Of course I highly doubt they will but it would be nice. 

When I stepped inside the house I instantly wandered into the kitchen pulling out the left over from Chinese last night. I threw it in the microwave and waited patiently for it to cook. When the machine beeped I grinned pulling out the extremely hot food and bringing it to the table to eat... I flicked on the TV and ate my dinner. 

Half an hour later I was in the shower and out by 8 o'clock. I went to my room turning on my laptop and signing into Skype. I smiled when I saw Liam, my best mate, was online still. I wonder why since it's very late back home in London. 

I hit call and waited for him to answer. He eventually did. The entire room was dark, the only thing lit up was his face because of the laptop screen.

"Hey Li, what are you doing up?" I asked shaking out my blonde hair. He chuckled.

"I couldn't sleep and I wanted to make sure you're settling in alright." He shrugged. I smiled, Liam has always been a great friend. I really loved him.

"I'm good. But I think my neighbors having a party. Can’t you hear the music?" I laughed. Liam chuckled nodding.

"Yeah, I was just thinking you had a sudden craving for horrible rap." He joked. I rolled my eyes flipping him off. He grinned.

"Well I'm going to let you go and get some sleep. I need to go and ask them to turn it down a little. Bye Li" I waved before hitting the end call button and shutting down my computer. I groaned as the music next door seemed to grow louder and louder. It was already 9 and I really didn't want it to get any louder. I decided to wait until 11 to ask. Hopefully they will turn it down before then. 

The time passed and 11 came and went. I sighed rubbing my hand over my face. I was beat tired but I could never sleep with this music so loud. I groaned getting up from my chair and walking to the door. I had to ask them to turn it down.

I walked next door taking a deep breath. I knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. I stood there and nothing happened. I groaned, the music must be too loud to hear the door. I didn't know what to do. I glanced around, no one was outside. I finally sighed and reached for the door knob turning it and finding that it was unlocked. I went inside. 

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