Desire (Niall Horan Fanfiction Student/Teacher)

desire /dəˈzī(ə)r/ a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Ace Clever was a young 18 year old college student. She wanted to be normal, to go through college and forget about high school. She wanted to love and stay in love with her high school sweet heart. Little did she know she would soon be swept off her feet by not only her English teacher, but a man of many colors.


3. I Didn't Cheat... Right?

I woke up with a pounding in my head. A bright fluorescent light was streaming through the window right into my shut eyes. It wasn't helping with the headache one bit. I groaned flipping over and away from the light. I groaned as I moved, sore and tired. I deep sigh left my lips as I finally managed to open my eyes.

I sat up squinting at the light and trying to remember what happened the night before. I looked around not finding the room familiar at all. All I remember was going to a party with Harry and my new roommate. Harry left but after that it's a blur really. I sighed looking down and seeing I was stark naked. My eyes widened. I didn't... I shook my head. I would never cheat on Harry. I must have just gotten so drunk I took my clothes off. 

I looked slowly to the other side of the bed, it was empty. A wave of relief washed over me as I found myself alone in the room. That meant I didn't cheat. I slowly crawled out of the bed and pulled on my clothes. I need to figure out where I am and where Savannah is. 

Once I was fully dressed I went to the door opening it and exiting the room. The entire apartment was trashed. Red cups littered the floors, stains from beers and other alcoholic drinks were sprinkled around the carpet. I felt bad for whoever had to clean this up. My wandering lead me to the living room where a familiar face was picking up some of the many cups. I couldn't think of his name, but he looked very familiar.

"Oh hi Ace. I didn't know you spent the night." The raven haired man said a smile playing on his smirking lips. I blushed, he knew who I was. I feel bad for not knowing his name.

"Yeah, I must have passed out. Sorry" I shrug. He nods going back to picking up the trashed apartment. I sigh looking around and trying to find where I should go. My eyes land on a girl passed out on top of a boy. She had long brown hair, I think its Savannah. I look back to the man and he's watching me.

"She passed out on him sometime at three this morning. I don't know when or if they'll get up. Do you need a ride?" He asked. I opened my mouth. I don't even know who he is. I should just call Harry but part of me knows that if I call him he will be very pissed off at me.

Before I can even make out a sentence the man laughed shaking his head.

"You don't really remember me from last night do you?" He chuckled his stubble on his chiseled cheeks moving with his jaw. I shook my head, a deep blush playing on my cheeks. 

"Zayn. We played Never Have I Ever last night." My mouth formed an O shape. I kind of remembered playing that, but it was very fuzzy.

"So do you need a ride?" He asked again. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know who he was or if I should wait for Savannah to wake up. He must have noticed my hesitation because he chuckled.

"Sorry. I just don't know what to do. My head hurts" I admit. He laughs nodding in understanding. He walks over to the kitchen and comes back with a glass of water and pills in his hand after a minute or so. He hands them both to me.

"Thanks." I smile gulping down the pills and water and handing the glass back to Zayn. He took it back to the kitchen and came out with his wallet and car keys raising his brow in question. I shrugged, I needed to get home. I don't even know what time it is but I have a feeling it's later than I want it to be. 

"Let's go" I say. He grins walking beside me to the door and leading me to his car.


The ride was short, he must have been to our dorm before because he brought me straight to it. I thanked Zayn softly stepping out of the car and shutting the door. The raven haired man waved before pulling away and driving back out onto the main road. 

I shuffled my way into the building and found my way back to my dorm. When i walked up to the door my eyes scanned the door. You could see the pale light of a light being turned on in the room. I was confused since Savannah was still passed out back at the apartment. I reached out and turned the knob. It was unlocked.  

I pushed the door open, a gush of relief washed over me as I saw a familiar mop of curls laying on my bed. Harry turned to see me, a pissed off look in his eyes. I tried to give him a small smile but he kept his annoyed look planted firmly on his porcelain face.

"Where the hell have you been?" He barked. I winced, the headache I had still was there it was just less painful. He eyed me as I shut the door and walked further into the room. I could feel his green orbs burning a hole into the back of my head as I went to grab a water bottle from the mini fridge.

"I ended up staying the night at the apartment." I admitted. He scoffed rolling his eyes and sitting up on my bed.

"No duh, but why? I came back here later with flowers because I felt like an ass and I couldn't find you. Some piss drunk guy there said you had ran off after you played some game!" Harry started to shout. I winced. I could hardly remember anything from the night before. How was I to even know if he was there?

"I passed out in the guest room. I probably had went to sleep. I'm sorry!" I cried, I hate fighting with Harry. He and I hardly ever fight but right now is one of the rare occasions that we fight. He chuckles darkly throwing his arms up then looking darkly at me.

"Sorry? You're sorry? That's great Ace. But sorry doesn't fix everything." He speaks, his eyes holding anger with every word.

"You think I cheated don't you" I whisper. He just looks at me like I stated the obvious. Anger bubbled up inside me. I couldn't believe he didn't trust me. I have never given him reason to think I would cheat. I may not remember anything last night but I don't think I would do something like that. I didn't cheat... right?

"Get out." I say as calmly as I can but it comes out cold and laced with hate. His green eyes widen at the sound of my voice. He opens his mouth to protest but I point to the door and glare at him. He just turns on his heels and leaves. The door shutting hardly behind him. When he's gone i drop to the floor and cry. I've never fought like this with Harry. He and I were always the perfect couple, we were the couple everyone envied because we never had problems. Why is it starting now?

I wiped my eyes standing up and going to my closet. I grabbed a big sweat shirt and yoga pants pulling them on. Only once they were on I realized the sweat shirt was Harry's. I thought about ripping it off but I liked the smell it had. It smelled like him, we may have fought but I still love the curly haired man. 

So instead of changing I walked over to the desk Savannah and I shared and pulled out some nail polish. I've always loved to paint nails. It calms me, and I really need to calm down right now. I need to have a level head then call Harry to make sure he's alright. So i got to work on my nails, creating designs and before I knew it I was calmer and ready to make the call. I reached over to grab my phone but there was a knock at the door. I sighed standing up and putting the polish away. I winced at all the drip marks on the desk. I really hope Savannah doesn't mind that...

I got up and walked to the door opening it without checking to see who it was. I laughed as Savannah was standing holding her heels in front of the door.

"Hey sorry I think I left my key or something." She laughed, her hair was wild and everywhere. It was obvious she had a night out. I laughed letting her inside. I shut the door and she walked into the room further. 

"Spells like nail polish" She points out. I raise my nails at her she nods in understanding. She flops down on her bed a smile on her lips.

I watch her raising a brow at her.

"What?" I ask as she smiles over at me. Her smirk grew as she rolled over.

"Who was that guy you were dancing with last night?" She asked. I scrunched my brow, what was she talking about?

"I didn't dance with anyone last night." I shake my head. She laughs rolling her eyes at me.

"Yes you were. Don't worry I won't tell Harry anything. But it looked like it was pretty steamy" She giggled wiggling her eyebrows at me. I scoffed, I would never.

"I don't even really remember anything last night to be honest. Nothing happened" I confirmed. She looked deflated at my statement. But she sighed standing up from the bed and changing quickly.

"Whatever. We need to go to the main office and get our schedules and stuff. Let's go" She says grabbing my hand and pulling me along down the hall.

"Careful! I just did my nails." I complain. She laughs shaking her head and continued to drag me like I couldn't walk myself. I sighed letting her drag me along. Finally we came to the office and she dropped my hand. She walked inside first, myself following her. 

Inside it was smooth and clean. The complete opposite of a dorm room. Sitting at a tall desk was a young woman with black hair. She smiled over at us and Savannah went straight up to her. 

"Hi can I get my schedule?" Savannah asked. The woman smiled nodding. She must have known who Savannah was because she didn't even ask for her name she just typed something in the computer and out printed the schedule. She turned to me with a smile.

"Your turn" She beamed. I shook my head.

"I already got mine." I inform her. She nods looking down at her classes. Her eyes scan it before she squeals.

"I got the new teacher. I can't wait! Rumor has it he's young" She waggles her brow. I laugh rolling my eyes and walking out of the cold building and starting back to the dorms. 

"Do you have him?" She asked. I shrug, I don't know any of the teachers here so how was I supposed to know if any of them are new?

"I don't know."

"Oh, Show me your classes then" She states as we walk up to the dorm. We go to our room and close the door behind us. Savannah sits at the desk glancing at the mess I made. She shrugs sitting back in the chair and waiting for me to spit out my classes. I rifle through some papers before i find it handing it to her. Her eyes scan it slowly before a grin splits her face.

"We have English together with Mr. Horan. He's the new teacher" She smiles happily. I have to admit I'm glad we have a class together. I don't know anyone here. It's going to be awkward enough, at least now I can look forward to a class with someone I know. 

Savannah and I end up chatting the rest of the day. I finish unpacking and she even lets me paint her nails. When she's drying them my phone rings. I pick it up, guilt covers me as I see Harry's name on the screen. I completely forgot about calling him. I feel terrible. I glance at Savannah who is reading a magazine as her nails dry. I pick up my phone slowly.

"Hello?" I say. There’s a pause before I hear a voice.

"I'm sorry Ace." He mutters. My heart flutters slowly. I thought he was still going to be mad. Thank god he's not.

"I’m sorry too. I should have been kinder." I admit. He chuckles.

"Come outside. I have something for you" He says, his gravelly voice calling me through the phone. I giggle standing up and walking to the window. I look down to see Harry standing there with a teddy bear and candy. I laugh running out of the room and down to where he was standing. He smiles at me when I get closer to him.

"Hey babe" He greets. I kiss his lips softly taking the candy and wanting to eat it right then and there but i decide better of it. Harry and I talk for a while but he has to get going. His school starts soon and he has to get settled in as well. Eventually I kiss him goodbye and we part ways. I'll get to see him on the weekends. Nothing could come between us. Or so I thought.

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