A Real Rarity

When Rarity overhears Princess Celestia and Princess Luna talking about a rare jewel within the Crystal Empire, she just had to get her hooves on it. But she knew it wouldn't be easy, considering the only jewel of it's kind was deep in the Crystal Palace, protected by King Sombras curses. Rarity just knew he number one baby dragon Spike would have to come along and assist her. But even if they do survive the booby traps and curses, will they get past the ghostly shadow of a pony that guards the jewel itself?


5. Within The Crystal Palace

The que took all day it seemed, before it addled down enough for Rarity and Spike to begin their tour. A nice young kolt dressed in a smart black tuxedo came out and cleared his throat before saying aloud "ladies and gentlekolts! I will be your tour guide for this evening (Spike and Rarity only just noticed it had started to get dark) Now would everypony walk forward slowly, put money in the bucket beside me, and then await my arrival in the entrance hall". Rarity said dreamily "now he's hot!" Spike said crossly "really Rarity?!" Rarity said under her breath "well, he is..." When it was their turn to pay up, Rarity pulled out a large Ruby, and a tiny piece of Emerald, dropping them both with a plonk into the bucket. The tour guide looked surprised as he said "thank you kindly". Rarity said with a sweet smile "my pleasure". Spike said hungrily "you got anymore? I'm starting to get a little hungry". Rarity tutted once again, but this time, delved into her pocket, picked out a tiny piece of Ruby, and handed it to Spike". Spike sighed with disappointment but said gratefully "thank you Rarity". They both walked slowly into the beautiful Crystal Palace, admiring the view, as they came to a halt in the entrance hall. Rarity and Spike heard the tour guide apologising to the rest of the ponies queuing outside. He told them that the tour was closed for today, and that they had to come back tomorrow. Rarity and Spike heard lots of ponies groaning, and moaning their complaints. One mad kolt shouted "but this is the forth day me and my family have wasted waiting all day! We go back to Canterlot in the morning!" The tour guide said seriously "I'm sorry sir, but not my problem... Maybe next time... Maybe you and your family should get here a little earlier". Rarity said with relief "we got here in just the nick of time it seems Spike". Spike looked around himself nervously, as he jumped down from Rarity's back saying under his breath "yeah, that's a shame". Rarity didn't hear him as the tour guide walked in to address the ponies. "Right now ladies and gentlekolts, your tour will begin by visiting the Throne room, then the bedchambers, the royal bathrooms, the servants quarters, the large kitchens, the various sellers-" Rarity said with shock under her breath to Spike "Spike! How are we going to know which seller it is?!" Spike shook his head unknowingly. They both continued to listen to the tour guides instructions. "And then we will visit the royal gardens, where then I will answer any questions you ponies may have! Now remember all ponies stick with me, and no wandering off!" Rarity and Spike both zoned out at the instructional speech of many rules to abide by. It seemed like forever before the tour was finally started. As the tour began to move Rarity said impatiently "finally!" Spike shuddering nervously, he was not looking forward to seeing the the large kitchens... Because that would mean that the sellers would be next! The tour guide said loudly "now this is the Throne Room! This is where Twilight Sparkle worked out King Sombra's hiding place for the Crystal Heart". One young pony asked eagerly "can we see his hiding place?!" The tour guide said seriously "I'm afraid not young pony, the hiding place is far too dangerous, and very top secret". Rarity said aloud to the tour guide "why is this hiding place so top secret?!" The tour guide said importantly "I can't really say, princesses orders and all! But what I can say from what I've heard is that there is a secret passage to a rare jewel within the hiding places walls!" Rarity's eyes lit up like a light bulb. She suddenly realized that her job would be a lot easier...
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