A Real Rarity

When Rarity overhears Princess Celestia and Princess Luna talking about a rare jewel within the Crystal Empire, she just had to get her hooves on it. But she knew it wouldn't be easy, considering the only jewel of it's kind was deep in the Crystal Palace, protected by King Sombras curses. Rarity just knew he number one baby dragon Spike would have to come along and assist her. But even if they do survive the booby traps and curses, will they get past the ghostly shadow of a pony that guards the jewel itself?


4. The Start Of The Tour

Spike led breathing heavily on Rarity's back as Rarity said softly "oh come now Spikey Wikey... Everything is okay now". Spike said nothing, as he stared up at the sky, most likely thinking about Rarity... Rarity said excitedly "just look at this place Spike! So sparkly, so bright, so magnificent, and just so dreamy!" Spike said quietly under his breath "your dreamy..." Rarity said with interest "what was that Spike?" Spike gasped and said quickly "nothing interesting, don't worry about it". With that he blushed with embarrassment, but luckily Rarity didn't seem to notice. Rarity sighed as she said "it's such a shame were here on business... I could have spent some money on souvenirs, and seeing the sights!" Spike looked around at all the sparkling shops, and monuments. They had a museum based completely on King Sombra's rein of terror, and when he was defeated. They had his actual crown in there, the only thing left from when he exploded into millions of pieces, after Spike returned the Crystal Heart. Spike grinned proudly as he tried his luck by saying "say Rarity... Do you remember when your Spikey Wikey saved the Crystal Empire from King Sombra by retrieving the Crystal Heart". Rarity said with a smile "why yes I do Spike... I'm sure everypony remembers how brave my number one little dragon is". They only fell silent when they got in the que waiting patiently for their Crystal Palace tour.
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