A Real Rarity

When Rarity overhears Princess Celestia and Princess Luna talking about a rare jewel within the Crystal Empire, she just had to get her hooves on it. But she knew it wouldn't be easy, considering the only jewel of it's kind was deep in the Crystal Palace, protected by King Sombras curses. Rarity just knew he number one baby dragon Spike would have to come along and assist her. But even if they do survive the booby traps and curses, will they get past the ghostly shadow of a pony that guards the jewel itself?


10. The Secret Passageway

Rarity said with a giggle as she kicked the fearful door shut with her hind legs "now that that dramas out of the way, should we start to look around for the entrance to the secret passageway?" Spike said with a laugh "no need..." Rarity looked at him with a puzzled expression as she said "no need?" Spike said proudly "during our little drama, I spotted an area in the wall that looks like the rocky wall can be pushed back to make way for a secret passageway". Rarity looked around excitedly in search for the secret passageway. "Where is it?" she moaned after having no luck spotting it. Spike made a speech of pure pride. "We dragons have a keen eye, it's what helps us to spot the tiniest of jewels". Rarity said impatiently "I'm waiting! where is it Spike?!" Spike said proudly "over there" as he pointed underneath the staircase, tucked away from view. When Rarity looked closely, she realized a shape of a door was there within the wall, where the rocky wall appeared to dip and be pushable. Rarity said excitedly "well then, what are we waiting for?! PUSH!!!!" With that Rarity and Spike began to push with all their might. Slowly the wall began to make way for a secret passageway. They walked around the wall, and saw forever burning torches lighting up the long passageway. Rarity jumped up and down with joy as she picked Spike up, swung him around in the air and cried out "OH SPIKE, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!" Spike said with such pride "oh Rarity, it comes naturally to me".
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