A Real Rarity

When Rarity overhears Princess Celestia and Princess Luna talking about a rare jewel within the Crystal Empire, she just had to get her hooves on it. But she knew it wouldn't be easy, considering the only jewel of it's kind was deep in the Crystal Palace, protected by King Sombras curses. Rarity just knew he number one baby dragon Spike would have to come along and assist her. But even if they do survive the booby traps and curses, will they get past the ghostly shadow of a pony that guards the jewel itself?


2. The Plan

With that Rarity picked up a very dazed Spike, placed him on her back, and began to run in the direction of the train station. When they got to the train station, Rarity tried to act casual as she said "two tickets for the Crystal Empire please". The train driver seemed to suspect something, but even so, he handed over two tickets, and Rarity thanked him with a large emerald. When Spike saw the shimmering Emerald he said while licking his lips "say Rarity... You wouldn't happen to have anymore of those would you?" Rarity tutted as she ignored him, and entered the train. She sat down in a deserted compartment, Spike now close to her side. He nuzzled against her and said dreamily "oh Rarity, it's almost as if were going on a date together right this moment... I just knew you liked me..." Rarity coughed and began to talk, pretending she had heard nothing Spike had just said to her. She said in a hushed voice so no one else could hear her "right now Spike, the plan is, we act casual as we enter the Crystal Empire, go on the Palace tour, and then halfway round, when they show us the sellers-" Spike interrupted with "we ditch the tour, and try and find the entrance to the underground hiding place... Am I right my dear sweet Rarity". Rarity tried to smile as she said as romantically as she could put on "yes my little Spikey Wikey".
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