What about love (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Diana is a smart, innocent girl who only hated one thing SCHOOL, but will it all change after her crush Cameron Dallas notices her?

Carry on reading to find out
(Cameron Dallas is not famous in this story)

© by Haleema74 aka me


21. suspicious

This chapter is dedicated to the sweet, caring and loving reader Keepcalmandlove5sosand1D, thanks for supporting me the whole time. Your the best xx


I was in bed thinking about mine and Cameron's relationship. It's still strong but he's been acting a lot different for the past week like if I ask him what's wrong he says nothing. I've honestly have had enough. I don't know what to do but my gut instincts say to talk to him and find out what's wrong with him. So after school I'm going to talk to him. We have a week left till the Easter holidays and my birthdays tomorrow. I can't wait I'm officially going to turn 18. And to top it off my parents are coming back soon. interrupting my thoughts my phone vibrated on my desk, picking it up I saw that I had one new message


After getting out of bed I went straight to my wardrobe, since I already had a shower last night before I went to sleep. Picking out my outfit, doing my hair and slipping on my jewellery I finally looked like this.

After getting out of the house I was hit by the hot sun. Getting into my car I drove off to school.


*skip school*


It was the end of the day meaning school was finished and I had to ask Cameron why he's been acting strange. I saw him with Jack and Ashley. Oh and Jack asked Ashley to be his girlfriend which she happy accepted. Walking up to Cameron I heard him talking about something but as soon as Jack turned his eyes to me Cameron instantly stopped talking.

C: Dee babe.

D: Cameron why have you been acting strange?

C: Babe you will find out tomorrow and that's it.

D: Fine then bye

Turning around and ignoring Cameron calling me I walked up to my car, got in and drove home straight away. I'll text Alisha and Alia to come over after.

Since Cameron doesn't to tell me I'll just ignore him till tomorrow.



Sorry guys I know its short but 'm in a rush.

Love you all

Haleema xxxx


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