What about love (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Diana is a smart, innocent girl who only hated one thing SCHOOL, but will it all change after her crush Cameron Dallas notices her?

Carry on reading to find out
(Cameron Dallas is not famous in this story)

© by Haleema74 aka me


23. Diana's Birthday Part 2

Diana's pov

It was 4pm and me and the girls wear heading back home, I was told, more like ordered to buy a new dress, shoes and jewellery also I was ordered to get my hair done. So this is what I looked like:

Alisha pulled her car into Cameron's driveway, heading to the door first without saying a word. After opening the door I saw that the whole house lights were off.

'where are Cameron and the guys?' I though

Alisha and the girls soon joined me.

Alisha: where are the guys

God. no need to shout. But as soon as she ended her sentence the lights came on


I was speechless and amazed, slowly I walked up to Cameron and engulfed him in a big hug.

D: You did this?

C: yeah happy 18th birthday baby

D: thank you babe


The party went on till 10pm. until Cameron announced for everyone's attention

C: Guys I have 2 special gifts for my sweetie pie Diana firstly I would like to call Mr and Mrs Henry to come join us.

What??? My parents also came to the party. seeing my mum and dad was amazing I truly did miss them. Cameron got off the mini stage and walked up to me when he finally did he kneeled down.


C: I first meet you at the start of our last year, I don't know how or why I didn't notice how beautiful you were, I'm too blind but after I got to know you my love towards you has expanded each day. I love you Diana and will you do the become my wife?

I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I nodded like a manic finally after Cameron slipped the ring on my figure I leaned in for a passionate kiss....

The ring.


The end

thanks guys for liking this book.

I would like to thank my readers and my amazing friend Sannah Jazmyn, it's all because of her that I started to write on Movellas.

Thank you guys and I still love you all

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