What about love (Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Diana is a smart, innocent girl who only hated one thing SCHOOL, but will it all change after her crush Cameron Dallas notices her?

Carry on reading to find out
(Cameron Dallas is not famous in this story)

© by Haleema74 aka me


8. Accept or not?

This chapter is dedicated to the amazing KeepCalmAndLove5SOSAnd1D for being the 1st person to comment on this book...

Dianas pov

Have you ever felt all emotions all in one that your feeling scared, nervous and that your hearts beating at 100mph? If you have well join the club because I've finally had the guts to tell my parents about mine and Camerons relationship, and let's just say that I'm shitting myself, Camerons standing beside me holding my hand and squeezing it for reassurance that he's with me and he's supporting me 100%.
After the 5 minutes of total silence my father, Clayton Henry finally spoke up

CH: your what?
D: yes did you've heard me correctly, so do you and mum approve or not?
SH: well I approve as long as your happy and that's what you want because I want to see you happy
D: thanks mum
I went up to my sweet mother of mine giving her a hug and a kiss in her cheek and staying by her side
CH: well I agree with your mother (turns to Cameron) but if you dare to hurt her in any way then consider yourself dead and I'm serious
C: don't worry sir I would never dare to think about hurting her
CH: well then I approve of this relationship, oh and son don't call me Mr Henry or sir I feel old then and I'm only 36 call me Clayton.
C: haha ok thanks Clayton.

Awww I could get used to seeing this everyday, my boyfriend and my father are getting along just how I wanted them too... Bless them

D: thanks dad
I went up to my amazing dad to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek
CH: no problem baby girl, well if you don't mind me I'm going to be in my office I need to make an important phone call

Just as my dad walked out of the room my mother turned to Cameron.

SH: Cameron sweetie, you have to stay for dinner
Cameron turned to me and gone me the 'shall I?' look, I just nodded in agreement to my mum

C: sure Mrs Henry I'll just let my mum know
SH: sure thing but Cameron don't call me Mrs Henry I feel like I'm an old granny call me Sannah
C: sure thing Sannah I'll just be back

Cameron walked out of the room which I presume that he' s calling his mum, I turned to my mum and she shad a huge smile on her face the smile that you get when you win the national lottery

D: mom why you smiling like you won the national lottery?
SH: aww my baby girls found a boyfriend she's not my baby anymore
D: awwww mum I'll always be your baby girl no matter what.

I gave her a big hug, shes pretty emotional to seeing me and Jack having girlfriends and boyfriends I still remember the day when Jack had a girlfriend and he told mom and she burtsed into tears thinking Jack will change, she's a big softy wihen it comes to love and new people...

SH: awww thanks baby girl could you help me make dinner?
D: sure mum

Just then Cameron came back into the room with his award winning smile that could make my heart beat faster than usual, that smile of his is going to kill me one day i swear to you but that could only mean one thing.... GOOD NEWS!!!

C: good news my mum said yes I can have dinner here
SH: great well I'll get dinner sorted with Dee's help of course and you could go into Jacks room, it's upstairs first door on the right
C: thanks, (Cameron said facing me) I'll see you at dinner then
D: yeah sure thing if you need anything you know where I am
C: sure

As I saw cameron walking up the stairs I couldn't help but stare at his back he has the perfect features ever, I bet my mom realised as she started to drag me to the kitchen

*skip dinner*

Dinner had just finished and I was currently saying bye to my boyfriend
C: dee do you want me to puck you up for school tomorrow?
D: sure I'll like that
C: great I'll see you at 7 then
D: yeah good night I love you
C: goodnight baby I love you more
Cameron leaned in as his lips touched mine I couldn't help bit kiss him back I was so eager to kiss him but I had to control myself. As he pulled away his forehead touched mine
C: goodnight baby
D: sweet dreams babe

Just then cameron walked of to his car as I watched him drive off home.

I shut the front door and walked to my room, changed into my pyjamas, removed all my makeup off and went to sleep as soon as my head hit my pillow I was out like a feature dreaming about cameron.

and I'm done
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Love you
Haleema xxx

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