Teenage Memories

"Can you just promise me one thing?" he asks looking down at me with wonder filled eyes.
"What?" I ask still looking up at him curious as to what he might wanna know.
"This time, can you stay?"


6. Party

As the weeks went on, so did my friendship with Luke and the rest of the guys. Though I was better friends with Luke, the rest of the guys were fun as well. Ashton really likes to question what is going on with Luke and I but every time I answer him that we are just friends he laughs loudly and says 'okay' as if he doesn't believe me?

It has officially been a month an a half since I moved here though and I love it. I don't know about my mom though because I am never home to ask her. I am either at school or over at Luke's house hanging out, doing homework or something. 

Tonight there is a party at one of the football players house though and me and the guys were all planning on going. We can walk there too since it is literally right down the street and I have about an hour to figure out what I am gonna wear tonight.

Digging through all my clothes, I made a huge mess but finally was able to settle on my red high waisted skirt with my white half top and light brown heel boots. When I looked in the mirror I wasn't happy with how it turned out so I went and dug through the rest of my clothes till I found a long sleeve button up jean throw over. I put it on then went to look in the mirror and when I saw how my outfit look, I knew it was complete. All I need to do now was pick my accessories and do my hair and makeup.

I walked over to my dresser full of random jewelry and tried on a ton of pieces. I decided I wanted to wear my long, decorative, cross necklace, no rings and one of my many watches I have acquired over the years. I don't know what it is but I have a slight obsession with jewelry- and well pretty much anything that has to do with fashion but I am not one of those girls who goes around being a bitch about it all. I wear things that I like and that makes me feel comfortable. Putting on my jewelry that I chose, I then proceeded to my bathroom to fix my hair and makeup. Just my usual makeup. Eyeliner and mascara and my hair was loosely curled to look natural then brushed through slightly.

(A/N keep in mind that she is NOT wearing the hat in the story but it was the only picture I could find!)

By the time I finished getting ready it was five minutes past the time I was supposed to walk over to Luke's.

"Shit," I mumbled grabbing my purse and stuffing my phone in it before running downstairs and out the front door.

I ignored the fact that I was in a skirt and heels and ran next door. Before I could knock on his door, it was opened and I was met by four smiling faces.

"We have been waiting," Calum chuckled.

"I- know- sorry- nothing to - wear-" I said between breaths.

Luke chuckled before stepping outside along with the other guys, "Let's head out then." he said smiling at me.

We walked down the block to the party that was already started. Luke and I were in the back while Mikey, Ashton and Calum walked ahead of us. It seemed to me that they were trying to be as loud as they possibly could be but I wouldn't ask them to be any other way. These guys have become my best friends. As we arrived at the party, it was in full throttle. People were already drunk off their asses and running around screaming like complete idiots.

"Want something to drink?" Luke asked looking at me.

I nodded and smiled at him and he smiled back before disappearing into the crowd to get me a drink. He left me by myself and the other guys had ran off so I was just standing there awkwardly. After about 10 minutes went by, I decided to go and explore some more of the party. I walked around the crowd and saw Mikey trying to hit on some girl, Calum taking shots with some other people and Ashton getting himself a beer but I couldn't find Luke anywhere.

I walked upstairs and looked through the bed room accidentally walking in on something I didn't want to see. Talk about awkward as hell. It wasn't until I walked into the last room that I felt my heart drop. Luke was kissing some brunet and laying her down onto the bed. He looked up at the door to see who had walked in and when he saw me his eyes went wide and he let go of the girl. She feel on the bed then looked up at me and rolled her eyes before getting up and walking out of the room obviously pissed. I stood there completely speechless. I have no reason to be upset over Luke hooking up with another girl- we aren't even dating. He doesn't even like me like that? We are just friends.


I didn't stay to hear what he had to say. Instead I ran out of the room, down the stairs and out of the house ignoring all the glances I was getting and Luke screaming my name behind me. I don't care if I cause a scene. I was hurt over some stupid guy who didn't even care about me in any way besides a friend. I'm so stupid for even thinking Luke would like me.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and the next thing I know I twist my ankle over a slight dip in the sidewalk and fall to the ground. I pushed myself up and into a sitting position and touched my ankle. Bad idea because as soon as I made contact with it, pain radiated up to my knee.


I looked up and saw Luke running in my direction and my eyes widened. I grabbed my purse and went to stand up to try and walk away but failed miserably because as soon as I tried to stand, I fell right back down and Luke was right there to try and help me back up.

"Let me go, I'm fine." I grumbled trying to push Luke off of me.

"You aren't fine, you probably sprained your ankle-"

"What's your point?"

"Why did you run away?"

"You think I wanna see you about to fuck some girl?" I snapped finally looking at him.


"No! I don't! I didn't come to the party with you guys just to get left alone while you are off fucking some brunet and the rest of the guys are doing god knows what."

"Kara I-"

"I was so stupid to even let myself like you-"

I didn't get to finish my sentence because Luke's lips came in contact with mine. I wanted to melt into the kiss like I had dreamed but instead I pushed him off of me, "Don't."


"Luke, let me go. You are just doing that to try and make me not mad at you. My house is right there now either help me to my house or I will walk there and hurt my ankle even more. Either way I do NOT want you to say anything to me. Now, which is it going to be?"

He looked at me with hurt filled eyes before huffing and helping me to my feet and to my house. When we got up to my front door, I opened it up and Luke helped me inside and up to my room. 

"Just help me to my bed." I said quietly.

He did just that then turned and walk out. Just like that without saying another word like I asked.

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