Magcon Love Story

About two girls who love Magcon


2. Magcon Love Story Part 2

"Can I say that I think your really pretty Kaitlyn?." Nash whispered in my ear, I looked down blushing. I could tell that Nash was about to say something but he just kissed me. At first I didn't know what to do. I kissed back. We pulled away from the kiss, I noticed that some Nash girls were glaring at me. I was kind of scared, I guess Nash noticed that the girls were glaring at me and did something about it.

"So How long have you known your friend?." Carter said while handing Maddy his phone so she could put her number in it. "Ever since we were born." Maddy replied while putting her number in Carter's phone. They are cute but I don't think some girls might want them together but they just want to be in Maddy's place. 

*At Nash's place with the Magcon boys and Maddy*

"So Nash who's this?" Elizabeth asked him.
"This is Kaitlyn and her friend Maddy." He smiling at his mom
"Hi Kaitlyn and Maddy it's nice to meet you." Elizabeth said holding out her hand. I shook her hand and Maddy did to. "It's nice to meet you too Ma'am." I said with a smile. She smiled at me.
"Nash can I talk to you in the living room?" She asked her son with a smile.
"Sure mom." Nash said following his mom into the living room. 

I looked at everyone and they looked at everyone. I hope he doesn't get into trouble. We could kind of hear them talking but we couldn't understand what they were saying.

"Well If you decide to make her your girlfriend, just remember you should hold on to her because I think shes pretty." Elizabeth told her son with a smile. 

"She isn't pretty shes beautiful and believe me I'll hold on to her." Nash said looking at me with a smile.  

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