Magcon Love Story

About two girls who love Magcon


1. Magcon Love Story Part 1

I was looking around the place where the Magcon boys were going to be having their meet and greet at. Me and Maddy were lucky enough to get tickets to meet them. I liked Nash and Maddy liked Carter. The Magcon boys had just got to the place and the lines got long really fast.

"Well I'm going to go in Nash's line." I said to Maddy before I got in the line for Nash. Maddy got in the line for Carter. Time passed slowly but I was up next to meet Nash. "Hey Beautiful, What's your name?." Nash asked with a smile on his face. " Kaitlyn." I said looking down shyly. I got a picture him.

"Hey Babe." Carter said smiling at Maddy. I could tell she was nervous. I mean who wouldn't be. 

"Hi." Maddy smiled at Carter who got a picture with her. They were cute together. She got Carter to sign her phone and I got Nash to sign mine. 

"What's your name?." Carter asked while signing her phone. 

"Maddy." She smiled looking around. 

I was watching them until I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I turned around to see Nash. I was confused at first but then shrugged it off. I notice Maddy look at me with a confused look, I just shrugged.

"Can I say that I think your really pretty Kaitlyn?." Nash whispered in my ear. I looked down blushing. I could tell that Nash was about to say something but he just kissed. At first I didn't know what to do. I kissed back. 

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