endless love ( 1D JB SG GLEE)

okay this is based on a roleplay what i do on instagram with a friend i do not POV'S but i do : bc that is what i do in the roleplay


3. chapter 3


kurt: what do you want liam?

liam: look harry stands there crying so please come back * does puppy eyes*

kurt: oh okay were comming but can you please stop with the puppy eyes

liam: yes!

blaine: oke fine * walks back*

liam: i wasn't expecting that * pionts to harr and louis*

kurt: what?

liam: can't you see they are arguing?

blaine: wait here you 2 * walks to harry and louis* hey hey! whats going on?

harry: oh shut up like you don't know

blaine: what did i do? i came back because liam said you where crying

harry: louis want's to leave me for you!

blaine: ARE YOU CRAZ- wait what?

harry: yes

blaine: louis!? why!?

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