endless love ( 1D JB SG GLEE)

okay this is based on a roleplay what i do on instagram with a friend i do not POV'S but i do : bc that is what i do in the roleplay


2. chapter 2


kurt: hi guys *waves*

harry: hi

kurt: are you and him * pionts to louis* together?

harry: wtf?

louis: yes curly here and i are together

harry: why? is there a problem?

kurt: n-n-n-no o-o-ofcourse n-not * hides behind blaine*

harry: that's what i taught so

blaine: harry why do you act so mean * takes kurt's hand and walks away to the cafeteria*

sorry for that kurt sometimes he has a bad morning

harry:* mumbles* i-i don't know * puts his hands on his face*

louis: * hugs harry* * whispers in his ear* it's alright haz it's alright

harry:* cries*

louis: liam get blaine and kurt over here please

liam:* nods*

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