endless love ( 1D JB SG GLEE)

okay this is based on a roleplay what i do on instagram with a friend i do not POV'S but i do : bc that is what i do in the roleplay


1. chapter 1


louis: i can't believe our mom is making us to go to summer school and niall never forget that your my lil brother

niall: do you know if the teachers ther allow ice cream?

louis: i dont know niall

harry: hey babe *kisses louis cheek*

niall: hey! i'm right next to you guys!

liam: calm down mate

blaine: hey guys have you seen the newbie he is so hot

niall: blaine relax

kerofsky: watch where you going loser * pushes kurt agianst the locker*

zayn: did you guys saw that?

blaine: what zayn?

zayn: kerofsky pushed the new kid agianst the locker

blaine: what!? * looks for kurt* * sees him* * walks to kurt* * reach his hand out for him* here let me help you up

kurt: * smiles a bit* thanks

harry: who''s that blaine?

blaine: this is the newbie and his name is kurt * smiles*


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