The Hunger Games: After Mockingjay: Book 2

This is the squeal to The Hunger Games After Mockingjay.
I don't own The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins does.
Katniss and Peeta are Mentors now, will they be able to help kids survive or will the kids die because the couldn't be helped?


7. Reaping

Katniss' POV

Today is the reaping. Joy. I walk downstairs to the promise of breakfast. Something that when I was young I didn't know when I would have it again. When I get down stairs Prim is already sitting at the table.

"Morning mommy."

"Morning baby. How are feeling?"


"After breakfast we will do your treatment."


I walked into the kitchen and hug Peeta from behind.

"Ready for today?" I asked into his shoulder.

"Yeah, these games are going to be...special."

"I'm going to go get dressed." I said letting go.

"Okay." I went upstairs and put sweatpants and a shirt on.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed Prim's medical stuff. Over the years we found out the Prim had diabetes and her lungs aren't as strong as they should be. Some days she will only need her inhaler, but others she has to use an oxygen bottle. Knock. Knock.

"I'll get it!" Yells Willow.

"No, Willow! Don't answer it. I'll get it." I yell walking over to the door. "Hello?"

"Oh, it's you." Peeta's mom said.

"Its good to see you too, Airy."

"She's not the only one!" Rye and Reese said. They came in and picked me up tickling me. Peeta came out of the kitchen to join in tickling me.

"I want to tickle mommy!" Prim giggles.

"Me too!" Willow and James say running down stairs.

They stopped tickling me after about 10 minutes. We all sat down and are breakfast. When Prim and I were both done, I got her medical stuff and toke care of her.

"Willow, Prim, if you go get ready I'll come in and braid your hair." I said getting up.

"Okay!" Knock. Knock.

"Effie!" I said answering the door.

"Katniss! It's so good to see you! I brought something for you and Peeta."

"Effie, you didn't have to do that." Peeta said hugging her.

"But I wanted to." Effie says handing me a box.

I walk upstairs and opened the box. Inside the box was a purple dress and green high heels. I put them on and walk downstairs.

Rye and Reese whistled, I rolled my eyes and Peeta laughed. "What's so funny?" Effie asked confused.

"Nothing." I say sitting on the arm of the couch next to Peeta and start braiding my hair. Willow and Prim run down stairs for me to braid their hair. Willow beets Prim and I do her hair first.

"It's 1 o'clock, time to go. Oh and Peeta, here is your gold necklace. They found it in a cell in the capital." Effie said handing Peeta his necklace. I single tear runs down his face and I wipe it away.

"Haymitch, where's your bracelet?" I ask with a grin forming on my face.

"Well, Sweetheart, I think you know the answer to that."

"Do I now?"


"Where is it?" Effie asked.

"With Finnick." I said. Haymitch scowls at me.

"See, you did know." Haymitch said, still scowling at me.

"Haymitch! You gave it away?"

"I was trying to tell brains over there that he wasn't the enemy."

"Brains? Why give her that nickname?" Airy asks.

"They same reason my nickname is sweetheart, because I'm not. I'm not sweet and I don't come up with very smart plans, like when we first came out of the quell, I thought that Peeta and I both got taken by the capital, I didn't want him to suffer because of me,  so I was going to fight the capital with a syringe. I ended up attacking Haymitch because he lied to me."

"I still have the claw marks." Haymitch said revealing scratches.

"You really did that, Kat?" Peeta asked.

"Yeah, you can even ask Finnick, he watched me lunge at Haymitch."

"Enough chit-chat, we need to be at the justice building." Effie said. Haymitch finished his bottle of liquor and we left.

Everyone toke their places on this dark and cool afternoon. The mayor took his place at the podium and started making his speech. Once mayor Hawthorne finished his speech, Effie showed a video, it's the war I fought in, the rebellion I led, they have to show what I did. Paylor had a public execution couple years ago, and Coin is now officially in charge. Gale sat next to left and Peeta sat on my right. I looked down at Peeta's and my intertwined fingers.

"Ladies first." I hold my breath in fear of whose name Effie will say, will I know her? "Willow Mellark." Prim starts fidgeting next to Peeta. Peeta squeezes my hand and I remember to breathe. She goes over to the boys and says "Aero Hawthorne." Gale tenses up next to me,  his son just got picked to fight to the death. What  happens next surprises me, when Effie tells them to shake hands, Willow goes up and kisses Aero.

Yes, Gale is the mayor, if that wasn't obvious. Mwhahaha cliff hanger. :)

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