The Hunger Games: After Mockingjay: Book 2

This is the squeal to The Hunger Games After Mockingjay.
I don't own The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins does.
Katniss and Peeta are Mentors now, will they be able to help kids survive or will the kids die because the couldn't be helped?


1. chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins does. She also owns The original characters.


Katniss's POV

After the camera's left we were able to go home. On our walk, Peeta had his arm around me while I held Prim. My mom walked next to, silently. Haymitch and Effie were next to Peeta, the talked the whole time. My mom has our old house because I live with Peeta and she needs some where to live that's not with us.

"Her crib and stuff is in one of the extra rooms." My mom said.

"Okay." Peeta and I said.


2 days before Victory Tour

I woke up in our bed searching for Peeta's warmth, but he wasn't there. I sat up and could smell cheese buns. Mm. I went down stairs without getting dressed, I was wearing Peeta's shirt like I always do. He was standing at the oven waiting for the cheese buns to be done. I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. "Hi." I said.

"Hi." He said turning around. "We have people coming over for breakfast." As he said this I noticed the eggs on the stove and I could smell bacon.

"I should probably get dressed then."

"Yeah, Haymitch probably won't want to see you like that."

"The boy is right." Haymitch said as he came in.

"Fine, I'll go get dressed." I said heading upstairs. I put on black sweatpants and a orange sleeveless shirt. I walked down stairs to see the table was set and my mom and Gale had arrived. I was shocked that Gale was here, but I recovered quickly.

"There she is!" Peeta said very happily. By the look on his face he was uncomfortable.

"Hi." I said hugging Peeta. We all sat down and had 'normal' conversations. We were almost done when Prim started crying. Peeta started to get up, but I said "I'll get her."


I got up and went up stairs to get Prim. I picked her, changed her diaper, and headed down stairs. "I'm going to go get her bottle and then I'll be in." I said walking into the kitchen. I grabbed her bottle. Then, I went into the dinning room and sat down.

"Thank you for breakfast, but I must be going." Gale said getting up.

"Bye." We all said. Gale and I had been getting along better, we aren't exactly friends, but we get along. Prim's good bye was throwing up all over me.

"I think, I'll be going." Haymitch said.

"Bye Haymitch." I said.

"Me too. Bye." My mom said.


"Katniss, why don't you go get cleaned up. I'll get Prim cleaned up." Peeta said taking Prim from me.

"Okay." I said. On my way upstairs I took my shirt off, Peeta laughed. "What? have you never seen me like this?" I asked sarcastically.

"Oh Katniss." Peeta chuckled.

I went into the bathroom and took a bath. I looked in the mirror at my pink skin, I have scars that will never heal, that my children will ask about. I went into my room and got dressed in sweatpants and a short sleeve shirt. As I reached the top step someone knocked on the door. "Katniss, can you get that?"

"Sure." Knock. Knock. "Hello." I said opening the door.

"Katniss? I thought this was Peeta's house." Mr. Mellark said.

"Uh, we share a house." I said surprised.

"Katniss who's at the door?"

"Uh, come here."

"Hold on."

"She wasn't that dirty, she most of her through up on me." I yelled to him as he emerged from the bathroom by to kitchen with Prim wrapped in a towel in his arms.

"Dad? Mom?" Peeta said handing Prim to me.

"Peeta." Mr. Mellark said.

"Peeta you had a child with her? A seam-"

"Yes I did and I love her and our child." Peeta said. His mom started to say something, but Peeta walked to the kitchen to a chair.

"Come in, please." I said. "Can you hold her for a minute?" I asked Mr. Mellark.

"Yes I can."

"Thank you." I said walking quickly to the kitchen. "Peeta,"


"No, Peeta. What ever it is that your seeing it isn't real. Not real Peeta. I love you and I'd never hurt you." I said throwing my arms around him. One of Peeta's brothers walks in and stares at us.

"Mutt." I held Peeta's arms down and kissed him. His eyes went beck to blue and he held me in his arms. "I'm sorry."

"When are you going to stop apologizing for it. It's not your fault-"

"And it's not your fault either."

"Fine, now common."

"What was that?" Peeta's brother asked.

"What was what?" Peeta asked.

"You know what I'm talking about."

"I will tell everyone at the same time." Peeta said walking into the living room.

"Tell everyone what?" His other brother asked.

"What happened."

"Oh you mean the not real and mutt." His brother responded.

"Yes. After Katniss blew up the arena, the rebels got her and the capital got me, the tortured me, Hijacked me. Made me believe that Katniss was trying to kill me. So, I tried to kill her. Then, she helped me out of it. She stood by me, and then we went into war. Her sister got killed, and she killed Snow and Coin, then came back here to 12. A little bit after she came back I came back and she almost died from depression, and things happened and now we are here."

"A kidnaping, a daughter, and another arena later." I mumbled.

"So, what your saying is that because of Katniss you almost got killed how many times?" Mrs. Mellark asked.

"It's not her fault. Katniss,"

"I'm going to get Prim dressed." I said standing up and taking Prim from Mr. Mellark. I took Prim upstairs, got a fresh diaper on her, and got her dressed. I walked downstairs as Haymitch walked in. "Haymitch, what a surprise, you didn't knock." I said walking over to hug him.

"Hey sweetheart. Effie will be here in District soon, we are all to go meet her at the train station."

"But the Victory Tour isn't for 2 more days." Peeta said walking over to us.

"Yeah, well, she wanted to come early." Haymitch said.

"Where is she going to stay?" I asked and Haymitch just looked at me. "Let me guess, here."

"You got it sweetheart. Be ready in 5." Haymitch said leaving.

"We will be going then." Mr. Mellark said.

"Bye, and here you go Peeta." I said handing Prim to Peeta.

"You afraid that she will throw up again?"

"Yes." I said as Peeta's family left.

"I'll go get her ready."

"Okay." I said walking over to the chair by the fire. I sat down bringing my knees to my chest. I sat there silently, looking at the fire.

"Katniss," Peeta said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"You scared me!" I said breathing heavy.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know I could scare you. I thought that I was to loud when I walked."

"You are, I was just thinking, to loudly I guess."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I sighed.

"Common lets go."

"Okay." I said getting up. We walked outside in our coats, everyone all bundled up.

"You guys took long. What did you do? Never mind don't tell me." Haymitch said when we walked out the door.

"Well, Haymitch, I can tell you." I said grabbing Prim from Peeta. We started walking and Peeta put his arm around me.

We walked and talked a little, by the time we got to the train station Effie's train arrived. "Katniss! Peeta! Haymitch! What a surprise, I didn't know that you guys were going to meet me here?" Effie said hugging us all. "Thank you Katniss and Peeta for letting me stay with you." Effie said as we started to walk.

"Anytime Effie." Peeta said.

"Sweetheart, now you'll have to get dressed in the morning." Haymitch said to me, making everyone laugh. I just scowled.

"Come on Kat, were just messing." Peeta said putting his arm around me. After that we just talked.

"I'm going to put Prim down for a nap." I said as we walked in the house.

"I have to go to the bakery." Peeta said as I got down stairs.

"Take me with you."

"What about Prim?"

"Hey Effie,"


"Can you watch Prim?"

"Yes I can."

"Okay, thank you Effie. Just let her sleep. When she wakes up she will cry, just change her diaper."

"Okay." Effie said.

"If you need anything the number for the bakery is on the fridge." Peeta said.

"Okay, have fun." Effie said as we walked out the door.

"Tomorrow I have to open the bakery earlier." Peeta said.

"Do you think that my mom could baby sit while we went to the bakery?" I asked Peeta.

"She probably would. Trying to make up for those years that she missed with you and Prim."

"Yeah." I said and we walked in silence. When we got in the bakery we took off our coats and put aprons on.

"I'm going to start some bread, can you work the cash register?"


"Good." Peeta said going to kitchen and making so bread. I sat at the cash register waiting for any costumers, none came. Peeta emerged from the kitchen and put his hands on my shoulders.


"Hi." Peeta said kissing me. He pulled away when the door opened. His family was standing before us for the second time today.

"Peeta? Your letting her work here?" His mom asked.

"Yeah," he said.

"This is a family business! Not let anyone work here!" His mom screamed.

"Well, the ring on my finger sure made me think that I was family." I said grinning.

"You married her?" She screamed approaching us. Peeta stood in front of me to protect me.

"Yes I did." Ring. Ring. The phone started ringing. Nobody moved. Ring. Peeta finally moved to answer, "Mellark Bakery, Peeta speaking." Peeta sighed. "Effie, calm done. Katniss and I will be there in a minute." Peeta said hanging up. Peeta turned to me his face losing color.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, Effie was super upset whatever it was."

"Peeta just remember it's Effie, Prim could have just thrown up."

"Yeah, go head. I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Okay." I said giving Peeta a quick kiss, taking of the apron, grabbing my coat, and sprinting home. "Effie?"


What did you think of Peeta's family coming back? What do you think is wrong with Effie?


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