Just a fake smile

I was board so I decided to write this. No hate it's not real.

*actual blurb*
Hi I'm louis. You know me from 1d. I always smile but don't be fooled by it. Sometimes things aren't as they seem


4. chapter 3

I had the best family. But my parents started getting abusive. They would drink and then come home and start hitting us. I protected my sisters but I had to go to hospital a few times.

I tried to tell people what was really going on but no one beloved me or my sisters. Not evan our friends. It upseted me deeply. So much I started doing something again.

I never told anyone but I was bullied for being adopted so I started cutting and now I was doing it again. I would come home and lock myself in my room. I took my knife and cut. I did it as well at night when everyone was asleep.

I was growing more and more further away from my sister. I couldn't let them see me like this. I mean look at me. My eyes were blood shot from where I didn't get any sleep and from crying.

This was my new life and no one could stop me from changing not evan me. I didn't like it but I couldn't stop. I had no one to turn to and talk. I couldn't tell my sisters, my friends wouldn't believe me and I my "parents" abused me.

I wish that man never came I killed my parents. That year was the best time of my life cause I wasn't cutting getting abused and changing into someone I didn't want to.

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