Just a fake smile

I was board so I decided to write this. No hate it's not real.

*actual blurb*
Hi I'm louis. You know me from 1d. I always smile but don't be fooled by it. Sometimes things aren't as they seem


11. chapter 10

I can't believe it me and the lads are through to the live shows. It was hard work all week. Rehearsing and preparing but when it came to the show it was worth it.

Each week got more tense but the amount of fans were building outside the studio supporting us and then they would vote loads and loads of times.

Then it came to the semi final. We put on a great performance. Well that's what we thought. Then that Sunday night we stood on stage hoping to win but we didn't. We thought this was the end.

We went back to the room and started packing as Simon walked in and said that we've got a record deal. This is amazing. We could be big. If this is our life singing and doing what we do best I love it.

But I couldn't forget about my past. It kept me awake at night and kept me cutting. Is this my life now? Being a huge singer and a great boy band that's world wide but has a secret. A secret that you would've never thought of.

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