Dirty Little Secret

The story is about 6 best friends who each have dirty little secrets who keep them away from each other for the past few years. What happens when the secrets get out that one of the girls expose the secret to the school. Will the friendship last or breakup over one Dirty Little Secret. (Based on John Tucker Must Die).


1. Meet Penelope (Penny) Green

Hello readers welcome to the first chapter of "Dirty Little Secret" Everyone has a secret but what happens when it starts off at a very young age? Your friends wouldn't dare tell your secret now would they, well you could be wrong? Let's see what happens in chapter 1.


I watched the world around me crumble while sitting in my grandparents car, I was 11 years old thinking about the life I had when my mum and father were here. My brother Ryder was in the car with me, I couldn't stop the tears falling from its hiding place as as I thought about my mum. My grandparents drove to my mum's graveyard to lay flowers on her grave since it was the anniversary of her death. I didn't want to be here knowing it would bring more sadness in the world that I already lived in. My younger brother glances over at me questioning the sadness in my eyes. "What's wrong?" Ryder asked me. "We're at mum's graveyard." I respond noticing the car pull up at the graveyard. My grandmother gets out the car helping my younger brother out the car as I sat back in my seat not wanting to leave the car. "I know you don't want to come but think about your mother, she wouldn't want you to mourn about her being gone, she's in Heaven now." My grandmother softly smiled as I forced a smile upon my lips. My grandmother reached her hand out to me as I sighed taking her hand stepping out of the car rubbing my arms feeling the coldness of my scratchy wrist from being cut. I gaze down at my wrists as I noticed the remaining scars on my arms that were left while most of them faded. "Come on, I'll take you and Ryder to lunch after we lay the flowers down." My grandmother replied as I simply nodded following my brother, grandmother and grandfather to my mother's grave putting her favorite morning glory flowers. my grandmother had given my mum the name Gloria until then my mum fell in love with morning glories because every morning it would brighten her day. 

" Penelope over here!!!!" I heard a voice call me, just as I searched for the voice I look at my grandparents and my brother Ryder but nothing came out of their mouths. I quickly jump out from my sleep forgetting that it was a day dream.

Next morning
 I wake up visualizing what happen in my dream, I was 11 years old as I patted myself down knowing I was no longer that little girl anymore, I was 15. Today was my fresh start at Forest Hills High School. I quickly get out of bed running to my bathroom that was connected to my bedroom as my brother Ryder knocks on my door reminding me that it was time for school. "I'm up!" I responded stripping out of my pj's entering the shower....Moments later I step out the warm shower and onto the blistering cold black marble bathroom tiles getting dressed. I gaze in the mirror looking at myself only to see a reflection of a young women who looked liked my mum. I gently blink my eyes as I get the same reaction that I looked just like her as I begin to rub my arms seeing the razor cuts on my arms. I've never told any one about this and I plan to keep it that way. It'll be MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Penelope (Penny) Green
Age: 15
About my self: I have a little brother named Ryder. I harm myself. I LOVE food. And I live with my grandparents. I also get bullied
Background story: I was 4 when my little brother was born. At 7, my parents got a divorce and they made us choose between them. Ryder and I went with our father. But at 11, our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. So Ryder and I were forced to go with our mum. About 2 months later, she died. And our father didn't want us back so we went with out mum’s sister till she literally went crazy. That leaves to where we are now, at our grandparents house. 
Crush: Aaron Carpenter

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