The lost diary

PLEASE READ!: in 3104 a old book covered in permafrost was found it belong to none other then the snow queen Elsa.
By the way on the first chapter I wrote it with words spelt because she was seven when she wrote it.


1. The first entry

Dear Diary     Date 20/7/2000 Age 7
Ana oh Ana i hurt her tats why i am loked up, my parants gav me you to  day i tink i wil rite some stuf abot me
Name Elsa
Age 7 now
Birthday 27 of noveber in 1993
Siter  Ana
Power ise 
Im loked up in my rom my parants loked me in here bcas they ar scard i wil hurt Ana agan but i did not mean 2 so why am i loked up

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