Irresistible(ON HOLD)

She is Louis Tomlinson's sister. Louis happens to be in with the players, partiers, and bad boys of the school. Lux is trying to fit in to high school with her best friend Kate by trying to get a bad reputation. She meets new people such as Louis friends. The one that bothers her the most? Harry. Harry Styles. That all changes then they go to the X-Factor and she meets Luke.


10. Chapter 9


"Bye." I said as i hugged Louis. I look to Harry who wouldn't even look at me. It's good to know that meant nothing to him, I was just a 'distraction'. I turned to the rest of the boys before hugging them. Next thing i know is they were gone. Just like that, gone. I looked to my mum who was crying.  Daisy, Lottie, and Phoebe were clutching on to dad as they cried. I on the other hand was more pissed then upset. How could Harry just leave like that? He didn't even say bye... I quickly went to my room before calling up Kate.

"Hey boo." Her voice echoed through the phone.

"Hey you want to hang out?" I asked.

"Theres a party at Ambers tonight wanna go?" She asked, I could tell she was smiling. 

"Sounds like a plan, I'll be over to your house." I said Making her 'okay' me.

"Then when we go to the party i can just tell mum we are going back to your house!" She said with a giggle. I have to admit, I kinda like breaking the rules. It's fun. I didn't pack a bag since I just stuffed my party outfit into my purse. I grabbed my necessity and my iPhone 5c and its charger. Before i left my room i grabbed my keys and walked down stairs.

"Mum?!" I yelled then soon she comes out of the kitchen. I followed her into the kitchen as I grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge.

"I'm gonna go to kates' okay?" I asked making mum nod. I kissed her cheek then left the house. Once i was in my car and driving i searched my purse for a pack of cigarettes. Louis luckily gave me all of his since he wants to quit. Same with Zayn. I lit it then drove to Kates flat. I threw it out the window as i turned into her drive. Once i was out and at the door i walked in. Why knock right?! But no I'm like Jeff and Kims second daughter. They love me like i was their own. Kates brother, Mikey. 

"hey mikey." I said as i walked past him. I walked down the hall to kates room before opening the door. 

"hey bitch" I laughed as i sat on her bed.

"Well nice to see you too 'bitch'." She said with a giggle. 

"Is mikey going to the party?" I asked

"Yeah his band is the 'entertainment'." She said quoting entertainment making me laugh. Mikey is in a band with Calum, Ashton , and Luke. I've always had a thing for Luke but lets face it. He's a senior just like Lou but they HATE each other so there is no way he likes me too. Kate laughed taking me out of my thoughts. I decided to straighten my hair before getting dressed. My out fit was perfect for the party i think...I hope.

After we got dressed we went down stairs to find the rest of the 'entertainment' in her living room. We smiled before going and kissing Jeff and Kims cheek.

"Mum and dad we're going to go back to her house, is that okay?" Kim nodded then we look to Jeff for his answer.

"Jeffery, please." I begged before jumping on him.

"FINE! Just get off of me." He laughed. I slowly climbed off only to hug both of them. I grabbed my keys before we ran out the door. When we got in the car the boys walked outside. I yelled to Mikey and he walked over to us.

"So you're the entertainment?" I asked making Kate laugh. 

"Shut it loser." He said before leaving. I started the car before we pulled out of the drive way. I too out a pack of smokes and offered one to Kate.

"Mikey got me some." She said proudly pulling hers out. I smiled before i rolled my window down and lit it. I turned on the radio and pulled my phone in immediately playing mine and Kates favorite song, A Thousand Miles.  Yeah. Judge us. We sang as the song ended only to have Fancy by Iggy come on. Of course we sand that until we finally pulled into Amber's house. Amber is a pretty good friend. She's is in our group this year and shes a lot of fun. We flicked our cigs on the ground before we stepped on her porch. I opened the door and the smell of alcohol and weed hit our sense immediately. I smiled as we walked through the house and into the kitchen to see Amber.

"Lux Kate! You made it!" She yelled 

"Oh of course!" I exaggerated. 

"Come and play beer pong with Steph and I! We will be on a team!" We nodded before going into the basement to see people with joints and bowls. Down there was a ping pong table with cups on it. 

"Who are we playing?" I asked Amber.

"Oh yeah them." She said as Mikey, Ashton, Calum, and lastly Luke. Kate and I smile as Mikey looks at us.

"You're going down sisters." Mikey said in the girliest voice he could do. 

"Bring it." I barked loudly making everyone laugh. Mikey was first on the boys team and so was kate. The partners are Mikey vs Kate, Luke vs me, Amber vs Ashton, and Calum vs Steph. Kate made one making Mikey drink it and mikey did the same to Kate. Now it was my turn. Lets just say i'm pretty good at this. I made it and luke drank. Luke made it too so i drank. How we play with teams is if you lose a turn then you are cut from the team and lose. So at the end it was me and Kate vs Luke and Ashton. By the almost end of the game it was me vs Luke. i only had one cup left to make and Luke had two. It was his turn and he made it. I drank it then it was my turn. The pressure was on as i let go of the ball and....MADE IT! Everyone yelled as i threw my hands in the air and cheered. Luke smiled at me before walking over to me.

"Not bad Tomlinson." I smiled before replying.

"Same to you Hemmings." Next thing i know someone is shoving a joint in my face. I take it before hitting it and handing it to Kate. Luke sat next to me before whispering in my ear.

"You gonna watch us preform?" 

"If you want me too." I giggled. 

"Oh i want you too." I nodded before we all walked up stairs. Im not going to lie. Im pretty stoned and a little buzzed. As soon as we get upstairs Kate and I get shots and bottles of beer as we started going out back to where the boys were going to be preforming. 

"Hello everybody! We're 5 seconds of summer!" They yelled at the same time.


"You did great!" I said as Luke walked over to me. He thanked me then he looks from my eyes to my lips. I bite my bottom lip before he started leaning in. If i wasn't drunk I don't know if i would be doing this. Louis hates him and he hates Louis. It all started last year. All nine of them were in a band together. But then Luke fucked Louis's now ex girlfriend. But i guess that she told him that Louis and her broke up. So Calum Mikey and Ashton went their own way. The rest of the boys get along just not Luke and Louis. I look back at Luke and our lips are inches apart. Now centimeters. Finally millimeters. Our lips touch. It didn't feel the same as the way Harry would kiss me. But i need to get him out of my head. He left me. Without even a bye or anything. The kiss became more heated as my hands go to his hair. 

I pulled away as my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller I.D. and my heart dropped.


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