Irresistible(ON HOLD)

She is Louis Tomlinson's sister. Louis happens to be in with the players, partiers, and bad boys of the school. Lux is trying to fit in to high school with her best friend Kate by trying to get a bad reputation. She meets new people such as Louis friends. The one that bothers her the most? Harry. Harry Styles. That all changes then they go to the X-Factor and she meets Luke.


9. Chapter 8


I got up quickly looking at the clock. Today was the boys Xfactor auditions. It has been a week since the incident with Harry and Louis walking in but everything seemed...normal. Louis would talk to me and Harry just was kinda distant. He would still be Harry but he wouldn't try things like that day before Louis came home. He started doing more 'cute' things. And i have no idea if he's doing that for a reason of just because i'm his girlfriend now... actually we would text but he wouldn't really talk to me. I walked out of my room fully dressed and saw Harry on the couch. 

"Hey haz..." i whispered as i walked over to him.

"You want to go for a walk?" I asked a little louder. He smiled lightly before nodding then running into the kitchen to tell Louis. When we were outside I looked over to him but he didn't notice. Soon we got to my tree house that Louis and i used to come all the time. Especially when mum and dad would fight.

"What's this?" Harry asked. I explained before he nodded before looking to the ground. I walked over to him and luckily i was short enough to see his face. 

"Haz did i do something?" I asked before stepping back a little. He looked up and smiled lightly before shaking his head as he looked back at his feet. I sighed before i started walking back to the house. I feel a big hand wrap around my wrist turning me back around.

"I'm sorry Lux it's just i'm scared. What happens if we make it through and win the x Factor?"He asked as my heart dropped. Tears brimmed my eyes.

"Harry I-"

"Lux i think we should take a break, just until we figure out what is going to happen." I stood there speechless. Tears rolled down my cheek.

"Lux stop crying ple-"

"You can't just tell me to stop crying! We've been together for a week and now since you are leaving today that means we're done. Admit it you don't want to be with me because if you guys become famous you will millions of girls throwing themselves at you and you want to be available so you can fuck anyone you want to!" I yelled as tears poured down my face.

"It's not like that!" He yelled back.

"Then what's it like?! I'm Louis' sister so it's not like we're going to lose contact!"

"Lux i just need to-"

"Figure out what's going to happen, I know!" I said before i ran back to the house. Louis say me and tried to talk to me but i wouldn't answer him. I just need to go to bed. 


I didn't mean for it to happen like that. I just don't think it will work if we do make it big. I really like Lux and I just ruined everything. I want to be with her but i feel like she will be a distraction during the actual X Factor. I had plans to get back with her after i just needed time. Does that make me sound selfish? I slowly walked back to Louis place and as soon as i opened the door i heard Louis.

"Lux open the door and tell me what happened come on you can't stay in there forever." After a little while he turned to see me.

"YOU!" he yelled before walking up to me.

"What did you do?!"

"N-nothing" I lied.

"Oh really?!"

"I told her that while we were on the show that we should take a break." I replied looking to the ground.

"Harry! you have been together for only a week!" He yelled.

"I know Lou but i feel like she would be a distraction."

"You go fits this now!" He yelled pointing at her door. I nodded before walking over to the door. I knocked then opened the door. She was under the covers and you could tell she was crying.  I closed the door and sat on the bed. She flew up.

"Louis get the fuck o-" She stopped when she realized it was me. Her make up was running down her face. She quickly went back under the covers.

"Lux just listen for a second, I like you a lot. You should know this. I only said that because i feel like you would be all i think about while i'm on the show. Just wait until the show ends and we will be together. I promise." She shuffled under the blanket before she sits up.

"I'm not going to wait for you not after this." She said and my heart shattered. I kissed her cheek before i stood up and left the room. I fucked up. Badly.

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