Irresistible(ON HOLD)

She is Louis Tomlinson's sister. Louis happens to be in with the players, partiers, and bad boys of the school. Lux is trying to fit in to high school with her best friend Kate by trying to get a bad reputation. She meets new people such as Louis friends. The one that bothers her the most? Harry. Harry Styles. That all changes then they go to the X-Factor and she meets Luke.


15. Chapter 14


I cleaned myself up before Luke got here. I can't believe Harry kissed me. It made me remember why I liked him, why everything. The sparks flew but I can't go back to that again. He broke my heart and luke, Luke is just perfect to me. A knock on my door took me out of my thoughts. I opened the door to see Luke, I smiled before hugging him. I have to tell him about harry.

"Luke?" I asked into the hug.

"Yeah babe?"

"H-harry kissed me." I say looking at the ground.

"Did you like it?" He asked. Yes.

"No." I lied. He smiled before kissing me.

"Good." My mum yelled to us and we all went down stairs to the dinner table. Lukes hand tensed in my hold when we got a view of Harry. I squeezed it letting him know that everything was fine. The table was all set and mum had made a great meal. She likes to cook, it's kinda her thing. I sat next to Luke and we were sitting across from Louis Harry and daisy. Phoebe was on the end in dads spot and fizzy was next to me. Dad had to work late so Phoebe sat there since Harry's in her spot. We passed the dishes of food around until everyone got everything. My mum started out the grace as we all interlock our fingers, praying. Starting to eat Luke looks at me uneasy. I then notice harry is looking at me. Great. 

"This is really good Mrs. Tomlinson." Luke assured my mum.

"Oh please." Harry mumbled loud enough for me to hear.

"Dear please you can call me Johanna." She replied with a smile. Luke heard Harry for sure because he squeezed my hand. Everyone was having side conversations and Luke was whispering in my ear. 

"Stay with me tonight?" I giggled before nodding.

"Mum can i stay at Lukes?" Mum choked a little making me laugh.

"um honey-"

"No mum! Kates going over with Mike She doesn't want to be alone with 4 boys." I reassured her. 

"In that case yes you can." 

"bull shit." Harry replied making mum clear her throat.

"Mate you okay?" Luke asked.

"Don't call me fucking mate." Harry whispered.I coughed before squeezing Lukes hand. As we continued eating Luke kept whispering 'what he wanted to do tonight' in my ear as i redden from the words that cascade smoothly out his mouth. His hand lets go of mine before rubbing my thigh. He kissed my cheek making Harry gag. My eyes met his before Luke spoke.

"Do you have a problem?"

"What does it fucking look like." Harry stood up throwing his chair back. Lukes hand moved itself from my thigh but i quickly grabbed it.

"Luke stop." Thankfully he sits down.

"Whipped much?!" Harry yells still standing tall. Luke stands up making his chair moved back.

"I suggest you shut the fuck up, mate." Luke bickers over the table making both Louis and I stand up to grab them. Harry then throws himself over the table at Luke, who thankfully moved out of the way. Luke sits on Harry before throwing punches. I grabbed his fist as i yell for him to stop. His eyes met mine and he climbed off harry only to be thrown down by Harry.

"Harry stop it!" i yelled as his fist made contact with his face, tears now pouring down mine. No answer. 

"Harry!" Finally i grabbed Harry to make him stop but i was pushed back by him hitting my head on the floor. Louis looked to me before running to Harry.

"That's enough mate!" he yelled as silent tears escaped from me. My head hurt like hell but Lukes face has a little blood and light bruises forming. i grabbed his hand.

"I'm so sorry babe." I cried but he smiled lightly.

"Not your fault love." He sat up then walked up to my room. I quickly packed while Luke cleaned his face up. 

"i'll be right back babe just gonna go get a water, want one?" He nodded then i turned around, leaving Luke alone. As i walked by louis room i heard Harry talking.

"I know mate, I just can't stand seeing her with someone else. It breaks me and i don't even know why." I shook it off as i took a step at a time down the stairs and to the kitchen, then back to my room. I grabbed my keys and phone then walked hand in hand with Luke. Being the gentleman that he is, he opened his car door for me. He jogged around to the driver seat then got in.

"I'm sorry-" I started.

"Baby you've said that, don't worry about it. He's just jealous because i scored you." he winked as he leaned in and kissed my cheek. 

Authors note! 

Hey lovieesss 

I hope you like it!

Again: Short...i know.

...Update... I MADE THE SWIM TEAM!:)

So now i need you to...






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