Irresistible(ON HOLD)

She is Louis Tomlinson's sister. Louis happens to be in with the players, partiers, and bad boys of the school. Lux is trying to fit in to high school with her best friend Kate by trying to get a bad reputation. She meets new people such as Louis friends. The one that bothers her the most? Harry. Harry Styles. That all changes then they go to the X-Factor and she meets Luke.


2. Chapter 1


My mum burst through my door to wake me up. She keeps yelling 'wake up hun' Maybe I don't want to! I sit up and throw my pillow at her.

"I heard you the first god damn time!" I yelled. She gets out of my room as I get up to get ready. I throw on skinny jeans and a tight fitting black tee shirt. After that I straighten my hair before I get my phone and purse and walk down stairs. I see Lou who kind of just stares at me.

"Can I get a ride?" I asked. He nods before saying he has to get Harry and Niall. I say okay then walk to the car. This day is going to be horrible. High school last year sucked for me. I got straight A's but had no friends. Well I did but I didn't have fun. This year, that's all going to change. We get Niall first and Louis makes me get in the back. Then we get Harry. They don't talk to me because I'm 'uncool'. They all start talking about a party tonight. Perfect way to have some fun.

"Can I go?" I asked. All the boys looked at me.

"What?" Louis asked.

"Well last year was shitty, all I did was school work and I never had fun. So if Kate and I went we'd be able to at least try to have a little fun." Louis nodded.

"I guess you can go, but don't be a pussy. There's gonna be lots of smoking and drinking and I want you to stay with us. I don't trust people around 16 year olds." I nodded before taking out my phone and texted Kate. I feel a hand go on my knee and look up to see Harry.

"Want a smoke?" He asked holding a pack of cigs. I look at Louis who had a face like do what you want. I take one and put it in between my teeth before lighting it.

"Now inhale." Louis said. I did as told choking it up. The boys laughed.

"This is going to be fun, getting you bad and all." Louis said. I take another drag of the cig before we pull up to the school. Harry hands me three more cigs and a lighter and told me I might want one through out the day. I gladly excepted them. We all kept our smokes in our mouths as we walked up to the school.

"Hey!" Kate yelled as she ran to me. I hugged her then she looked in my hand.

"Is that a cigarette?" She asked with a smile. I nodded.

"Want one?" She nodded and I handed her one lighting it for her. We walked up to the school with the boys next to us. The other boys came over and so did there girlfriends. Kate and I got along with the girls really well. The bell rang in the school and everyone parted ways except for Harry and I, who were finishing our smokes.

"So? You really want to go through with this bad reputation?" Harry asked. I nodded.  Before I could answer a teacher comes over and grabs the cigs out of our hands.

"In school detention for today both of you!" He yelled. Harry laughed and I did the same. The teacher escorted us to the isd room. After he left he locked the door so we couldn't leave. I texted Louis and Kate telling them were I was. Harry looks at me as I type on my Iphone.

"What?" I asked kind of snotty. He smirk.

"Just trying to figure out how you'd be in bed." Pig. I scoffed.

"You're a fucking pig." I said looking back at my phone. He stands up and walks over to me leaning on my desk so his face is inches from mine.

"What was that?" He asked.

"I SAID-" I was cut off by Harry.

"I fucking heard you!" He yelled in my face. I stood up out of the desk and walked back towards the wall. I didn't feel safe around him for a reason. His body slammed me against mine as he started grinding his front into mine. He moaned.

"I want you." He said. I pushed him away. He grabbed my wrist pinning them above my head and his lips made contact with my neck. He started sucking hard as I cried in pain. The bell rang making him pull away.

"We'll finish this at the party, or maybe even dinner tonight at your house." He said with a wink before walking out of the room. I grabbed my neck standing there breathless.


Hey guysss I know its short but im really tired seeing how its 5:03 a.m. Ill update tomorrow! Night guys!:) Oh and remember to like favorite and comment!!

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