The Truth About Life ||C.F ||//PERMANENT HIATUS//

||***********************************ON HOLD**************************************||
It all started with the girl who gave up and the boy who fell in love.
|| Copyright © 2014 by Teresa C. All Rights Reserved ||


5. Chapter Four

The Truth About Life

Chapter Four


- Connor -

“Yoooouu likkkeee her," I sing - song and poke Kian teasingly.

“Do not!" He yells defensively, hitting my head with a book, “I haven't even met her."

“So, you still like her. Looks aren't everything," I point out.

“Whatever," Kian mumbles and I know I won.

I walk out of the room, grabbing his phone when he doesn't notice. I scroll through his contacts and find Amy. I call her.

“Hello?" She asks.

“Hey, it's Connor. The boys and I are wanting to meet you, wanna come over tomorrow?" I ask.

“Uh. T- that's probably n- not a good idea." She is obviously trying to avoid us.

“Look, if you have some shyness or anxiety, we won't horde you with questions or jump on you until you are comfortable with us. We have spare rooms if you need to be alone. Trust me, we aren't that bad."

She sighs. A minute later she agrees, “Okay, I guess." 

I smile. “Okay, I'll put your number in my phone and text you the address. Before, so you know it's me, I'll text “cats." Got it?" 

“Yeah. Bye." 


Boy was Kian in for a surprise. 


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