My One & Only

Vanessa is only 18 she had a perfect life,a perfect family,and a perfect boyfriend.But when a terrible accident happens and her world turns upside down and her dad starts abusing her who will she have to help her through her life,and even if she finds someone right for her will they just help her or leave her like her boyfriend did,and will she be able to deal with it all or is she just getting herself in a whole new problem?


1. Concert

Vanessa's POV

"Finally."I say as I go to the front table.Hi my name is Vanessa and I am 18 my mom and dad are finally getting married since they had me when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend.I have a boyfriend named Jake and he is so sweet to me.So right now I am at the table were my mom and dad are since there was a whole line of people talking to them. "Can I leave already I am tired and don't feel to well."I say to my parents,truth is my friend got one direction tickets and she invited me on the day of the wedding and if I don't go she will kill me.Her name is Diamond."Yes you can go,but you have to go directly back home and wait for us got it."my dad says to me."Okay."I say then go to the parking lot and drive to Diamonds house.Once I get there I knock on her door ,almost immediately she opens the door and looks at me as if I am stupid."What."I say as I start growing Annoyed of her staring "You do know that you are still in a dress right."Almost as fast as she said that I look down Shit I left the dumb dress on but I won't have time to take it off."Come on you will just have to go like that then."She grabs my arm gently and pulls me towards the car kinda running and pushed me in.Once we got there we got out and were surrounded by fans we pushed our way through the people and gave the ticket man our tickets and then we walk inside.We sat in the middle section and the stadium was already filled up we took our seats and waited for the show to began.Its a good thing we got backstage passes and could meet the boys at the back I was so exited to finally meet one direction we stood in line and waited for the boys to come out.When we saw them every girl started yelling me and Diamond just laughed.

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