My One & Only

Vanessa is only 18 she had a perfect life,a perfect family,and a perfect boyfriend.But when a terrible accident happens and her world turns upside down and her dad starts abusing her who will she have to help her through her life,and even if she finds someone right for her will they just help her or leave her like her boyfriend did,and will she be able to deal with it all or is she just getting herself in a whole new problem?


2. Beautiful


We saw all the girls screaming and we started to take pictures with them and sign stuff.I was taking a picture with a girl when something or someone cause my eye.She was beautiful.She had long dark brown hair that was curled and she had blue/green eyes that were light and she was wearing a strapless white dress with a band on her arm that was silver and she had dimples.She looked so hot and when I told the boys to look at her they couldn't stop staring."Bro she's hot"Niall said to me and I said"Yeah she is I want to ask for her number." Then we saw she was the second person so we rushed and gave them our signatures and they left and when she can up to us we smiled at her

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