Close As Strangers {Calum Hood}

Six weeks since I’ve been away, now you’re saying everything has changed, and I’m afraid that I might be losing you... {Credit to Michael's Kitten for the cover, LOVE YOU KATTT.} [Shoutout to Dani who we hope comes back soon]


17. November 23rd

Dear Calum, 

How's your vacation been? I hope you've been relaxing. Sorry about the mess I left. I probably should've cleaned up, but it was a last minute decision and I wanted to make it to the plane. You know me, never prepared for things. 

I don't really know what the point of this letter was. It's a bit lonely on the plane. I'm sitting next to an elderly lady who keeps telling me the same story about her niece with the unicycle and a ten year old who keeps asking me if I wanna connect my phone to his 3DS and play pokemon which I have no clue what he means, so typical plane ride. I don't know how I'm going to send you this letter since I'm on a plane. I'll probably just send it when I get off. I'll find a cute little post office with a mailman named Sherman and he'll have Sherbet ice cream or something. Who knows? 

I'm living with my parents for the next few weeks and I'm going to try to start going to Uni again. I'm want to see what life has in store for me, I've done enough waiting. Life has finally caught up with me and I'd like to see what I can do with it. 

Thanks for always being around, even when I wasn't so responsive. 

I might have no idea what you're doing now, and you may have no idea how I'm going to spend the rest of mine, but know, I'll never see you as a stranger. 

Just give me a call if you ever see me wandering down the streets when you're at a gig or something. 


Dani x

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