Close As Strangers {Calum Hood}

Six weeks since I’ve been away, now you’re saying everything has changed, and I’m afraid that I might be losing you... {Credit to Michael's Kitten for the cover, LOVE YOU KATTT.} [Shoutout to Dani who we hope comes back soon]


3. June 30th/ July 3rd

Dear Dani

There are currently 136 days standing between us. I really miss you right now. I miss your face too. I miss that smiling face of yours I see whenever I wake up. I miss booping your nose and givng you little kisses when you feel upset. 

I wanted to make sure you were ok. 

You haven't replied to my last email, or any of my letters. Maybe the mail has just been slow. I am 2,000 miles farther away from you. Yeah, that's probably what it is. 

Still in love, 


P.s- I don't know why I'm writing this nonsense and wasting your time. I probably should've put the I miss you's here and the important stuff on top. 

Anyways, I wanted to wish you luck on your exams, since I'm not there to make you cocoa and help you study. I hope you're getting in your 8 hours of beauty sleep, even though you don't need it. Look at me being cliche, lol. 

I wrote the top part of this 3 days ago and decided to wait to send this after I got a letter from you so sorry if I'm further than 2000 miles from you. I really don't know where we are. You probably since you know me more than Luke does. (Don't tell him I said that, he gets mad when I say you're my best friend and then I have to cuddle him but he's too boring to cuddle).

I have more songs in store for you. I can't wait to show them to you. x

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