Close As Strangers {Calum Hood}

Six weeks since I’ve been away, now you’re saying everything has changed, and I’m afraid that I might be losing you... {Credit to Michael's Kitten for the cover, LOVE YOU KATTT.} [Shoutout to Dani who we hope comes back soon]


11. August 21st

Dear Dani, 

You haven't written back but here's another letter as part of my way of showing you I love you. A lot. Every single day, I love you more and more and more and I know that when I see you again, all this waiting will be worth it. 

I wish I could come back. I know I'm trying to sound happy, but in all honesty, I really miss you. If I could get on a plane and leave tour to see you, I would. But I can't. 

I'm living out my dreams in the brightest of lights, but there's always that dimly lit one in the back of my head barely shining because you're not with me.

I can't wait for this to all be over.

83 days away, 

Calum x

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